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The Whole Soul Way™ is the only online group training program that shows women with high expectations and busy minds a clear path from their head to their heart, to accept and love themselves completely, and to finally feel more seen, loved and supported in their lives, without disrupting their current relationships or sacrificing their productivity.

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You’re ready to shift from valuing what you do to valuing who you are

You’ve focused so much on building your life–your family, your business, your career–and you've realized that somewhere along the way, you left some parts of yourself behind. You’ve been doing all the things to turn yourself into the person you wanted to become, but you’ve lost who you really are along the way. 

You’re so good at figuring things out, helping other people to improve their lives, solving problems, dealing with crises. Maybe you’re wealthy financially or you’ve achieved a lot or you have a beautiful family, but you feel like something’s missing. 

You’re restless for something more. Something deeper. 

From the outside in, you’ve got a good life - people say that you’re so lucky. 

Inside, you’re filled with pressure to do better, be better and do more. Pressure to stop being the ways you think you “shouldn’t be”. And to do more of what you know will be “good for you”. Pressure to improve and change so that you can feel happier and more fulfilled. 

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But it’s not working. It seems to only be making things worse.

Hustling for your worth, pretending to be who you think you're supposed to be and always improving yourself is exhausting and becoming a grind. 


Truth is, you’re afraid if you admit that you’re tired and not having as much fun anymore, that you'll want to take off some of the pressure, lighten up a bit and rest––and you’ll stop being the strong woman you know yourself to be.

What if you discover you want something else in your life? What if it brings up uncomfortable stuff?

Everyone around you is used to you being the one they can count on and the energizer bunny. What if you disappoint the people in your life?

Here's a fact about most women: deep down, we're afraid we’re not lovable or worthy as we are. That we need to be someone that others want us to be to be accepted and loved.  

(But it’s not true. We’ve been lied to.) 

I know that the high you used to get from being the one who can “do so much” and who “has it all together” is gone. And what’s replaced it is restlessness, resentment and a “meh” feeling.

(Believe it or not, this is good news.) 

You’ve done a lot of personal growth work––self-love meditations, journaling, retreats, books, courses, new habits, fitness, health, improved your diet––and it's been so helpful. But, you know you can’t get to the next level in your life if you don’t know how to come into complete acceptance of who you are and get into choice about where you’re going next. 

(You’re absolutely right!)

You’re the kind of person who figures things out, but this one’s got you stumped!

(I can help!) 

Our society glorifies busyness, idealizes productivity and sanctifies self-sacrifice.

And we, women––we're losing it.

We’ve abandoned ourselves to keep the peace, sacrificed our authenticity for acceptance, suppressed vital truths and plastered over them with a smile and an automatic “yes" (or an automatic "no") 

We know we’re spinning. We see our families and relationships suffering. We see ourselves suffering. So why can’t we course-correct? 

Because there’s something deeper at play here. 

You don't need to do more, be different, change yourself or power through.

The thing that you sense is missing in your life?  

It’s you––the real, deep, authentic, flawed, unique you. 

You’re being called to discover more of who you are and bring more of yourself into your life and into the world.

Radical self-acceptance is the missing link.

Deep Down, What You Really Want Is To:

  • Experience greater aliveness, fun and fulfillment in your life
  • Feel confident to take the lead on your own personal growth journey
  • Stop waiting for someone to save you and, instead, pick up where your parents left off and take responsibility for your life and your happiness

  • Be kinder and more loving toward yourself and truly believe that you’re loved for who you are not what you do
  • Be available for more emotionally deep and close relationships  
  • Break free from self-sabotage, shoulds, pressure, fear and other limitations that keep you from creating the life you most want to be living

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The Whole Soul Way™ Results Framework

TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN LIFE: Become aware of all of the ways that your life is being run by your inner child and protector. Channel your self-reliance to bravely turn inward and take the journey from your head to you heart.

PICKUP WHERE YOUR PARENTS LEFT OFF: Provide for yourself that which you didn't get from your parents so that you can cultivate a fulfilling emotional and spiritual connection with yourself

COURAGEOUS ACTION: Show up in your life and relationships resting in your worth and standing in authentic power

Which allows you to

APRIL 2022 The Whole Soul Way Frameworks and Diagrams

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Hi! I’m Deb Blum, your Soul Nurturer and Guide

I’ve been coaching women for over a decade. The Whole Soul Way™ is the compilation of all that I’ve learned over the years through my own inner work and working with countless women.

This course is transformational but only if you do the work. I'll guide you to accept yourself completely, show up more fully in your life and live your life true to yourself. 

Are you ready to bust out of all the ways you've felt held back from being your full and authentic self? 

Do you want to step fully into the woman you're meant to be, but you don't want risk messing up your marriage or alienating friends?

Are you longing to feel more seen, loved and supported in your life but you don't know how to get what you want?

You're in the right place. 

Of course you’ll get accountability, any program you buy will make you more accountable inherently. But I’m not an accountability or productivity coach.

What I do is support you in waking up each morning loving who you are and enjoying the life you’re in.

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Here are some signs that you need The Whole Soul Way™

  • You feel like you’re stuck in one or more areas of your life. Experiencing resistance, fear or procrastination. Repeating unhealthy patterns.
  • Your mind is always busy - planning, worrying, problem solving, creating, ideating, anticipating
  • You’re pretty good at taking care of your own physical and self-care needs, but you’re longing for emotional depth and connection
  • You spend a lot of time giving advice, helping others or fixing other people’s problems
  • You try to get rid of things you don’t like about yourself (like perfectionism)
  • Have very high expectations of yourself (and others) and feel a lot of pressure
  • Want to be all of yourself with everyone but you’re afraid people will judge you or reject you or you’ll disappoint people
  • You have people-pleaser tendencies and the desire to avoid conflict but you also can be feisty and opinionated
  • You tend to try to put the past behind you, move on, make the best of situations, see the positive, power through, suck it up