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Master Your Inner Dialogue

Do you find yourself stressing about what someone did or said, taking it personally and having a hard time moving on from it?

Spending a lot of time feeling grumpy about people who don't give you as much as you give them?

Beating yourself up for what you should or shouldn't have said or did?

Surprised by your emotional outbursts because you thought you were beyond acting out like that?

  You might not realize it, but these thoughts and feelings - your inner dialogue - directly 
 affect how your relationships feel! NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. 

You might think you'd feel closer to these people if they'd just change and show up for you more...but it won't work. What I've seen after 12+ years of doing this work is that FIRST you change your inner dialog and THEN the relationships will change with it.

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MYID Course

That annoying self-talk that's always running in the background
can really mess with our relationships.

From getting annoyed when others don't meet our needs to feeling like nobody's listening. If our negative chatter is in control, it's probably causing some tension in our relationships.

The truth is that our inner dialog about other people is EXACTLY the same as what we say/think about ourselves.

  • When we constantly criticize ourselves it can spill over into our relationships causing us to be overly critical of our partner or friends, interfering with the connection we long for.
  • When we don't trust ourselves, doubt ourselves, and beat ourselves up for getting it wrong, we may not trust others, leading to skepticism and doubt in relationships, making it hard for us to let people into our hearts.
  • When we have a super loud inner dialogue, we may decide to avoid conflict at all costs to prevent further self-criticism or perceived failure, leading to unresolved issues and disconnections in our relationships.
  • When we're tough on ourselves, demand perfection, and don't cut ourselves slack, we may feel depleted, leaving us with no time or energy to nurture our relationships.
  • When our thoughts go to what we "should" do, what others need, and how we can help, we often ignore our own needs, opinions, and thoughts. This means we're missing from the relationship and people can't connect to us if we're not showing up.
  • When we think we're doing more and another isn't doing enough, this tape plays on repeat, resentment builds, and intimacy is destroyed.
  • When we don't believe that we're lovable or worthy, others may share love, compliments, and care for us but we're unable to receive them because we question their sincerity, pushing away the love and care we long for.

With all the negative thoughts and self-doubt that keep dragging you down, it's easy to forget about the deep connection that's possible in your relationships.

But there's a way out of this cycle.

Master Your Inner Dialogue is a tailor-made course for women, like you, who tirelessly juggle life's demands and often find themselves struggling with a relentless inner critic and overwhelming pressure. 

This course offers a proven solution to the challenges your negative inner dialogue poses to your happiness and in your relationships.

Don't let your inner critic define your worth!

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In this online course, you'll learn:

☑️ Why self-compassion is the foundational tool to upleveling all your relationships (it's not self-indulgence or throwing discipline out the window)

☑️ Why being more accepting of yourself is the pathway to you stepping more fully into your power (it's a lie that self-acceptance will make you lazy or weak)

☑️ The surprising part of you that needs you to care about and appreciate first and most! (And why everything will flop if you skip this step!)

☑️ Why you take things personally (and how to stop hurting yourself repeatedly)

☑️ A sneaky way to get clear on what you want and need (and how to get more of that in your life)!

☑️ How to integrate what you've learned into your life to keep up the momentum from what you've learned (because this course is just the beginning for you)

What's Included:

MYID Modules

MYID Workbook

Our relationship with ourselves is THE FOUNDATION for all our other relationships. 

When you start to heal your relationship with yourself and offer yourself more compassion, this spills over into your interactions with everyone.

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 7-day no-risk money-back guarantee policy!


  • More effective communication: Instead another disappointing birthday because they didn't do anything special for you, you share what would make your day special and save yourself the headache that comes with assuming others will read your mind.
  • Peace & harmony in your interactions: Go from ruminating for days about the dirty dishes in the sink that you had to do AGAIN until you finally explode exclaiming "why do I have to do everything around here?" to feeling more clear about your needs and opening up a true dialogue about how to share the workload.
  • Deeper experience of trust in your relationships: When your partner is late and you automatically go into the mental monologue about how you can't rely on him, you remind yourself that you're safe and question your thoughts rather than allowing your thoughts to turn "being late" into more than what it is.
  • Navigate conflict without self-abandoning: When your teen daughter wants you to drive her somewhere and you don't feel up to it, instead of making her wrong for asking for "too much" or putting your own needs on the back burner in order to keep the peace, you acknowledge her request and speak your truth seeking to find something that works for both of you.
  • Releasing resentment & allowing more love in: Since you'll be more clear on the way your mind makes up stories that cause resentment and get in the way of love, you'll know how to let go of the stories and be more open to graciously receiving when your partner offers to lend a hand when they don’t typically do so, or when your sister calls to ask how you’re doing even though, in the past, she only called when she needed something.
Don't let negative inner dialogue sabotage your relationships any longer.
Learn how to Master Your Inner Dialogue and begin the journey towards self-compassion, deeper connections, and lasting happiness.

Break free from the chains of self-doubt and discover the path to nurturing the relationships you truly desire.

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 7-day no-risk money-back guarantee policy!

This is perfect for you if:

  • You're a woman who carries it all and makes it look easy, but you're sick of everything falling on your shoulders and you want to simply be held for once.
  • You've reached a point where you're done with the inner voice that constantly tells you to do more and do better.
  • You're exhausted by one-sided relationships and want emotional depth and mutual fulfillment.
  • You’re so hard on yourself for any mistake made, yet when a friend makes similar mistakes, you realize it feels so much easier to offer them grace.
  • You long to know who you are and what makes you come alive, but it feels impossible with the long to-do list and the gazillion ideas in your head.
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You'll be guided by someone (me!) who's done a TON of inner work and has coached 100's of women over the past decade to awaken to the truth of who they are and cultivate a deeply supportive relationship with themselves.

I firmly believe that when strong, self-reliant, high-functioning women connect to their hearts and own their value, they become unstoppable. Over and over, I've seen that creating an unshakeable relationship with ourselves becomes the foundation from which we rise in our FULL power.

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About Your Guide, Deb Blum

Once a determined go-getter lacking self-compassion, I’ve dedicated my life to guiding high-functioning, self-reliant women to break free from the unrelenting pressure, cultivate self-compassion, and find a healthy balance between striving to do it all and radical acceptance.

In a world that's constantly telling us who we should be and how we should show up, I know it can be hard to listen to the whispers of our soul that are quietly nudging us back home to ourselves.
For years I felt like a caged bird, longing to spread my wings and soar freely in the open sky. I had focused all my energy on striving for excellence, controlling my environment, being ultra-responsible, and performing the roles of happy daughter, mother, and wife.

Despite all my accomplishments, I felt an ache of emptiness–a longing inside.

After a close encounter with divorce in 2010, I went on an excavation inward and finally realized––the greatest act of courage is not sacrificing ourselves, but coming to believe in the vast potential within and bravely sharing all of ourselves in our relationships and with the world.
Today I’m on a mission to help do-it-all women across the globe to create the inner safety to liberate themselves and reclaim their wholeness because I believe the world needs all of you!

Time out for a second–let's talk about what might be on your mind

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If you're ready to invest in your well-being and curious about the deeper and more authentic relationships that will be available to you when you live a life rooted in self-compassion and love, 
then this Master Your Inner Dialogue Course is the ideal place to start!

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