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A One-Of-A-Kind Group Program that Teaches Women a Self-Coaching Process to Step Fully Into Who You Were Always Meant to Be and Live and Love Fully With Your Soul as Your True Guide.

I'm Ready to Get Started!

Ever feel like you’re dimming or hiding the person you know you came here to be?

Right now, you might be feeling the frustration that goes hand in hand with:

Longing for more
You’re an accomplished woman with a good life, so why is there a hollow feeling burrowing away at your soul?

Feeling disconnected
There’s an uncomfortable distance in your partnership, friendships, and even with yourself. When you crave depth, why does it seem like there’s a wall between what you want and what you have?

Turning down your light
You know that you’re meant for a meaningful life, and you want to live true to yourself, but somehow you’re not fully expressing who you are for the world to see.

Lacking courage
You want to live a brave life, to say and do the things that feel deeply true––with no regrets––but right now, you’re tiptoeing around and playing nice.

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If any of those resonate with you,
you're not alone

I see you. I feel you. And I’m going to tell you the good news.

Living a life overflowing with unbridled authenticity…

Feeling so safe and supported that you can let your light shine…

Cultivating deep and fulfilling relationships…

And emerging as the brilliant, whole, and joyful being you were always meant to be... not a pipe dream.

It’s 100% achievable—even if, right now, it feels a little out of reach.

Because when you know the exact process to activate your soul’s GPS, return to the wisdom within, and you have the tools and support to guide you back home to yourself…

Your soul’s dream becomes a reality.

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Inside of You is a Built-In Guidance System...

...our own Soul Way GPS™, that guides you on a unique and personalized path––back home to yourself. 

Over the past decade, it became clear to me that we're so cleverly built––first, we protect ourselves when we're small and powerless.

Next, our self-protection strategies begin to interfere with connection, limit our potential, and cause us to suffer.

And finally, if we listen, our Soul starts to guide us on the path to remove the masks and armor so we can find our true Selves and come to feel safe enough to live and love fully. 

I was in awe that we're always being guided to what we most need to know and do to reclaim our whole selves, live a fulfilling and meaningful life, and experience more emotional depth and connection.

And I thought––someone needs to teach women exactly how to use this built-in system so we can unhook from everything that's stopping us from having what we want in our lives!

Introducing The Whole Soul Way™ 

With Deb Blum

A One-Of-A-Kind Group Program that Teaches Women a Self-Coaching Process to Step Fully Into Who You Were Always Meant to Be and Live and Love Fully With Your Soul as Your True Guide.

Deb Blum Circle Laughing

This 6-month immersion and group coaching experience is the culmination and combination of my most tried-and-tested soul principles and practices.

Aka: the stuff that works for busy women with
high expectations, just like you!

Through losing myself, going on my own excavation inward and
ten years of experience guiding women to cultivate their own inner strength––I’ve learned that the greatest act of courage is not sacrificing yourself, but coming to believe in the vast potential within yourself, and bravely sharing that with the world.

Designed for women who have a lot to give,
but want to give from wholeness not self-sacrifice

The Whole Soul Way ™ is a masterful blend of perspective-shifting lessons, experiential exercises, self-coaching tools, and monthly coaching support to learn a repeatable system to use life's irritations and upsets to incrementally reclaim your wholeness
and feel safe to reveal your light.

Because I believe…

The world needs ALL OF YOU.


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Welcome to

Inside you'll learn how to:

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You'll Receive

This is a Immersive and Experiential Group Program that Includes:

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Your Guide

Hi! I’m Deb Blum, Your Soul Guide

And for years, I felt the same discomfort you are sitting with right now.

I grew up in a middle-class family, an emotional, creative and expressive soul trapped in a cocoon of conformity, where over and over again, I was told:

"Follow the rules, make sure you're liked, respect authority, and never rock the boat!"

And so, I did what all good girls do:

I suppressed my true self and became who they thought I should be.

I worked hard, climbed the career ladder, married a great guy, and gave birth to two amazing boys.

You might say, "I had it all!"

But only in the presence of my children did I glimpse who I really was, and did I feel completely free.

Around everyone else, I lived like a wounded butterfly, with my wings pressed tightly against my body.

And, when you forget your true nature and hide who you really are––you pay a hefty price. 

For me, the price was a relationship breakdown, the dissolution of everything I knew to be true, and a close encounter with divorce.

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Because how could I connect deeply in my relationships when I felt so utterly disconnected from myself?

And so, I went on an excavation inward and, just like the butterfly, I escaped the cocoon of my own stories, fears, and wounding, and was on the journey to reclaim my wholeness.

It wasn’t always easy. The road to self-discovery rarely is, but deep down, those of us on this path home to ourselves know––we have to be willing to lose who we are to become who we were always meant to be.

Will you join me?

I'm interested!

As Seen On

Testimonial Cycle BreakersTestimonial Parenting the inner child

A Future Vision

Now, I want you to step into the future with me to see what’s possible when we journey together.

Reclaimed Your Wholeness

You’ve arrived at a place where no matter what life throws at you, you can stay centered in your Self. You know how to say no and when to say yes, and you feel at home with yourself. No more proving your value because you rest in your worth.

Revealed Your Light

You finally begin to see that you're loved for who you are, not what you do. You feel safe enough to express your gifts, speak your truth, and be more visible and seen in all that you do. Your renewed and deeper sense of confidence and calm inspires and impacts others positively.

Reignited Your Relationships

You feel more connected to your heart and your relationships feel more emotionally fulfilling. You know how to continually shift unhealthy patterns and deepen surface-level connections. You feel empowered to create the relationships that feel most satisfying for you.

Are you ready to unhook from the pressure to live according to external expectations and reclaim a relationship with your Soul as your true guide?

Yes, I'm ready!

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Soul Way GPS Mind Is Busy


 Here's the journey we'll go on together

Befriend Your Ego and Thank Her for Her Service

TWSW Sales Page STEP 1

Our ego gets a bad rap, but she's been your most fierce ally for your whole life.

In order to be most successful in this program, we must disarm our inner protector (ego defense mechanism).

  • In step 1, we'll get to know her and thank her for her steadfast service!
  • And then it's time to ask her to get into the backseat so that you can drive your own car (aka life). 

Explore Your Masks and Nurture Your Childhood Hurts

Next up, we ask our ego to change her role from protector to wayshower. 

In step 2, we'll dive into the Problem (these holes and protection strategies) and the "Soulution."

  • Next up, we ask our ego to step down as the protector and show us the places she's been protecting.
  • She points us to our childhood hurts (holes) and reveals to us masks and armor we wear to protect ourselves.
  • We'll take time to appreciate all of ourselves and begin the healing journey.
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Create Inner Safety and Strength by Becoming Your Own Parent

TWSW Sales Page STEP 3

In step 3, you'll learn how to become your own parent and best friend.

We'll dive deep into how you can explore your own personal mountain so you can feel more empowered, safe, and strong on the inside.

  • Now we step in as the true leaders of our own lives.
  • Climbing to the top of our personal mountains, we begin to see life from a higher vantage point and with greater perspective.
  • As we feel more inner strength and safety, we open up to integrating more of ourselves.

Orienting With Your Internal Guidance System

Next up! Don't tolerate, excavate!

In this step, we learn how to use our triggers, coping strategies, and defense mechanisms as the fodder to unearth more of ourselves and to heal and grow. This is a process we can continue to use to more skillfully navigate the day-to-day challenges of life.

  • In order to be a leader of our lives and heal our inner child, we must know how our internal guidance system works
  • We learn how to use our Soul Way GPS™
  • And learn how to use this process to continue (repeatedly) on our Spiral of Healing
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Exploring and Regulating Your Nervous System

TWSW Sales Page Bonus

Nervous System Healing is a very important aspect of overall healing, well-being, and wholeness.

  • At some point, we may realize that we need a little extra support
  • That our nervous system is dysregulated and we need a little extra support
  • So this bonus course is here to help you fortify your nervous system for the rest of the journey

Cultivate a Loving Relationship with Your Whole Self

In Step 5, we're focusing more intentionally on how you can reparent your inner child and cultivate a loving relationship with your whole self.

As we build this relationship, we feel more confident, secure, and grounded which sets us up to show up more fully as our most True Self!

  • Very few of us felt like our emotional needs were met by our parents 
  • We learn HOW to become our own inner parent and fulfill those unmet childhood emotional needs
  • We become––for ourselves––what we needed as a child and want from others now
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Show Up More Whole With Your Soul as Your True Guide


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In our final step along The Whole Soul Way journey AND the Soul Way GPS, we go back into the world and show up more whole with our soul as our true guide. This is a juicy one!

  • We're now feeling more whole, secure, confident, centered, and courageous
  • We start showing up in our relationships and our lives true to ourselves and with 100% responsibility for our part in any patterns that are playing out
  • At this point, we've seen a huge transformation within us & how we experience the outside world.

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What Makes the Whole Soul Way™ Program Unique

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Often people with busy minds have a hard time getting results from traditional meditation.

The Whole Soul Way™ is trauma-informed and inquiry-based.

We don't seek to transcend or bypass your human experience...

...rather, we do what it takes to feel deeply satisfied in the life you're in so much that you have no need to transcend it.

While meditation is encouraged and guided meditations are included, we primarily focus on self-inquiry, self-understanding, self-parenting, integration, and a process of incrementally revealing more of our truest selves as we increase our inner safety and sense of wholeness.

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Here at The Whole Soul Way™, we recognize that no one is emotionally or spiritually mature by the time they become a legal adult.

If we don't learn to become our own parent, we'll forever be seeking a parent "out there" to meet our unmet needs, complete us, or otherwise take care of us.

The Whole Soul Way™ invites you to embrace self-leadership.

Only then can you heal from the past and become available for more emotionally deep and intimate relationships.

And only then can you feel truly empowered to know and pursue what's important to you, not some external idea of what you "should" be doing.

Self-leadership is the foundation for leading and influencing others.

Unique Less Self Improvement

When we focus on fixing and improving ourselves, we unconsciously tell our young parts that we're not okay as we are, which is the same message most of us got as children.

We perpetuate self-rejection and the sense that we have to hustle for our worth and value.

And this causes an inner division where we try to only be who we think will be most approved of and admired.

When we come to know, accept, and make peace with ourselves, we come into greater wholeness and build a stable foundation of inner safety and self-trust from which we can soar.

In order to be free to be your true and whole self, you must be willing to see the humanity and beauty in the aspects of yourself that you fear are most unlovable.

And then you can reach for the stars!

Unique Repeatable

The Whole Soul Way™ is built on a premise that you have everything you need inside of you and that life is always showing you the trail home to yourself.

Sadly, no one is taught that we have an inner guidance system. But you can learn it in this program and I call it the Soul Way GPS™.

Rather than teach you more knowledge, I teach you a new way of doing life and an actual system that you can use over and over to be the leader of your life and your personal awakening journey.

At your own pace according to your own life, soul, body, and mind’s timeline.  

Unique Use Life as Fodder

I disagree that "spiritually and emotionally evolved women don't judge, criticize, or blame"––instead I invite you to lean into those judgments, the criticism, and the blame and use them as an opportunity for self-discovery.

I don't look at your less than perfect thoughts as something you need to willfully transcend or suppress, rather I see them as what makes you human and as information that reveals your deeper feelings, fears, and needs.

Likewise, I disagree that "spiritually and emotionally evolved women don't feel angry, anxious, or afraid"––something beautiful becomes available when we stop fighting with ourselves and embrace who we are. When we realize we're exactly as we're supposed to be.

We learn to use everything in life as fodder for our growth–an opportunity to connect deeply to ourselves, step more fully into our true nature-our most authentic and fully expressed selves, and have the capacity to align our actions with our values.

The Whole Soul Way Logo April 2022

A One-Of-A-Kind Group Program that Teaches Women a Self-Coaching Process
to Step Fully Into Who You Were Always Meant to Be and
Live and Love Fully With Your Soul as Your True Guide.

  • Lifetime Access to the TWSW Foundations Course
  • Digital Self-Inquiry Worksheets
  • Go at Your Own Pace
  • Access to the Soul Way GPS™ Framework
  • Note-taking Tool within Each Lesson
  • Pop-up Group Calls to Support you Along the Way
  • A Tool Box of New Skills, Tools, and More!
  • Thought Joggers to Deepen Your Self-Inquiry
  • Online Coaching Support within Each Lesson
  • Private Membership Site with a Forum & an App
  • Supportive and Engaged Community
  • 6 Months of Group Coaching
  • BONUS: Lifetime Access to 20+ Guided Meditations
  • BONUS: Nervous System Regulation Training

Your investment:

$397/month for 6 Months OR

$1,997 (in full)

Let's Get On a Call!

Includes 6 Months of Group Coaching

Want to read some testimonials first? Click Here!

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Soul Way GPS: High Expectations

Some Other Indicators that The Whole Soul Way™ Would Be Great For You

Deep down, you know that you're here to make a difference, but you feel disconnected from your Soul's purpose.

You long for more mutually fulfilling and emotionally deep relationships and to feel more seen and heard, but you admit that you may play a part in these patterns

Your mind is always busy: planning, worrying, problem-solving, creating, ideating, anticipating, thinking, running through to dos, multi-tasking

You blame others for your circumstances, believing that if they'd change, you'd be happier & life would be better AND deep down you know happiness is an inside job

You have very high expectations of yourself (and others) and feel a lot of pressure to do more, do better, be better, and you'd like to feel more ease and less stress

You have people-pleaser tendencies, the desire to avoid conflict, and fear of judgment, and you also want to speak your truth and be your true self with others

You want to be a cycle-breaker and break generational patterns in your family, but you find yourself playing them out and unable to stop yourself

You react with anger, shrinking, apologizing, agreeing, or other defensive reactions and want to feel calmer and more capable of choosing how you respond

TWSW Sales Page Might Not Be a Good Fit

Check out what past and current members have to say.

Testimonial TWSW Voxer Amy B

Testimonial Louisa Wah Release Coping Mechanisms


Testimonial People-Pleasing


Testimonial TWSW Community Amy B


Testimonial TWSW Love


Testimonial  Louisa Wah Impact loving herself could make


Testimonial TWSW Finding Happiness Through Finding Self

Testimonial Cycle Breakers

Testimonial Deal with Shame

Testimonial Louisa Wah Great Self-Awareness
Testimonial Pure unconditional love to selves

Testimonial TWSW Half-Way Sandy

Testimonial Amy Brown Deeper Support  and Incredible Growth

Testimonial Concrete and practical tools

Testimonial TWSW Micro-Coaching Amy
Testimonial  Amy Brown Power of Reflection

Wow Deb! Looks like you have a lot of awesome members with great things to say about about The Whole Soul Way™!

I'm Ready to Take the Next Step!
  • I began The Whole Soul Way at the most difficult time of my life. At 62, a few days after the program began, I told my husband of 33 years I wanted a divorce, finally acknowledging a knowing I had inside me a very long time. Midway through the program, my 86-year-old mother had a fall and in the aftermath came to live with me and I assumed the role of caregiver. And a week later, a close family member sexually harassed and intimidated me, a traumatic incident that has me re-examining my relationship with forgiveness in new, raw and ultimately healing ways. And through it all, The Whole Soul Way kept me grounded and connected to myself, with a deeper knowing of myself than I have ever experienced before. I'm no stranger to self-exploration courses and programs but The Whole Soul Way is different. It goes deeper. It asks more of me but oh--what rewards! I have a relationship with all the parts of myself that I was previously unaware of--my ego, my inner child--and I can see the shadows, the wounds, the masks and the armor I carry with me every day. I have a new language, new tools and a new understanding for navigating whatever life throws at me. I now have my life raft and it's going to keep me afloat no matter what comes my way. This is a program that is with you for life--and the more you put into, the more you get out of it. Once you know how to really look at your soul in this way, you can't not look; you can't not know. And the knowing...that's everything. I am so grateful. For the first time in my life, I am setting boundaries that I didn't know I was capable of setting and holding. I am choosing me. And it feels great.

    The Whole Soul Way is life-changing. It goes deeper than any program that I've ever experienced before. Not only is it far more comprehensive but it provides the tools for action and at this point in my life, that was what I was looking for. I felt an urgency to truly change the trajectory of how I related to myself and others. I didn't want reflection alone--I wanted the tools, knowledge and understanding to truly change my life and my relationships. This is what The Whole Soul Way gave to me, and I know it is what any woman would gain from it--the keys to unlock her best self and her best life.

    Amy Brown


  • The name “The Whole Soul Way” sparked my interest right away, in particular the word “soul”.  For a while I had been searching for someone to help guide me to a better way of living, someone who could offer something beyond traditional therapy (which I have done a lot of), but wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for.  At age 60, I felt like I needed a road map to follow to live the last third of my life differently than the first two thirds. By “different” I mean more present, more calm, more fulfilled, more kind and loving, more connected and more free to be me.  I started looking into life coaches, but again I was kind of just grasping at straws, not really sure of what kind of help I was looking for.  I knew whatever guidance I sought had to have some sort of spiritual component, something that went deeper and beyond my psyche (which I now understand means to go beyond my ego!). So the fact that your program had something to do with my “soul” drew me in.  

    The “me” who entered your program was lost.  I was unguided.  I had dealt with chronic depression for the first two thirds of my life and had many ups and downs, sadly mostly downs. I didn’t want to get to the end of my life being sad about the way I had lived it.  I could see the writing on the wall that if I didn’t start living differently, I could die regretting having lived at all.  So at the beginning of your program I was a 60 year old woman without a plan, I was not joyful, but I was hopeful. From the very first exercise you had us do in your pre-game  (Illuminate Your Hidden Potential) I was intrigued by what you were teaching.  That first exercise (which I completed having no idea of how the WSW worked) shed light on the possibility that I could be unafraid to be myself, that I could be excited about life, and that I could make the best out of every situation (attributes I admire in others but had neglected in myself, my golden shadows).  I didn’t know what I was doing when I did that first exercise, but at some deeper level I understood exactly what I was doing. I feel like my soul understood for me. I think my soul has understood all along.

    I now know I needed to kick my ego out of the driver’s seat of my life to let my soul have some room to breathe, but back then I didn’t have the words to say that. So that’s exactly what you and TWSW have done for me Deb; you’ve given me the words I needed to put a new framework around my life – the words and tools I need as I move into the “second half of life living”. 

    Sandy Pezzillo


  • In my work with Deb, I have not only gotten to a place where I am genuinely less often triggered than I used to be, but I have also found that I recognize triggers more quickly than I used to.

    I have been doing growth work for many years, so I often consider myself pretty self aware, but that also means that I’ve gotten more masterful at tricking myself when the things that want to be hidden are running the show.

    Through working with Deb, I have connected with deeper curiosity with myself and with life in general. The other life changing benefit of my time with Deb is that she’s helped me see how many ways we can learn to reparent ourselves, and how many ways we can become fully integrated with our whole selves. What used to be self work because I felt I “needed” to improve has become a much gentler process… a process where I no longer think there is something wrong with me, but where I see that I don’t have to beat myself up or punish myself in order to live the life I crave.

    Nicole Terrell

    Success Coach


    When I told my husband I wanted a divorce, three days into the program, I was a fearful, confused mess--full of shame, blame, guilt, resentment, sadness, regret, even though this was something I wanted and had long wanted. I had a lot to work through over the 15 weeks of the program, and I did. I learned to befriend my ego, to tend to my inner child, to follow the Whole Soul Way GPS, look for the trailheads (the triggers) and climb to the top of my mountain to see what my soul was calling me to do. This was hard work but it was rewarding. I was able to navigate my emotions, thoughts and feelings around the divorce in a much more healthy way, and to have conversations with my husband that were less tense and argumentative, where I could approach him about the difficult topics we needed to discuss with calmness, aware that I did not want to turn my back on my inner child and abandon myself to make him feel better. I learned over the course of these weeks to stand in my power. A friend recently commented on how strong I have been throughout the divorce process and I know it's because of the work I've done in the program, Deb's coaching, and the supportive community of women I've come to love and trust.

    Amy Brown


  • In what ways have you changed/grown since starting this course?
    I am braver. I have elongated that split second between trigger and response enough to be able to act from my higher brain and respond in a much more mature, nurturing way. I have healed some of my past trauma. I feel less societal pressure to be a certain way. I am more self-confident. I am happier in a deeply authentic to myself way. Most markedly, I was able to be braver than I ever thought possible and stand up for myself and energetically shift a relationship that was causing me great pain. - Amy Rice-Jones

    What is clear to you now that wasn’t before?
    What is clear to me now that wasn't before is how I have the power and ability to heal myself. Through the Whole Soul Way GPS, I now have a system for dealing with the challenges that come my way. I can see how my ego can trick me into thinking it is keeping me safe and I can fly above situations where I can see from a higher vantage and my higher self to gain perspective and find solutions. I didn't have any of these tools really before The Whole Soul Way.

    What has changed for you since starting this course?
    I have a lot more awareness about my old patterns of responding, reacting, masking, and all the ways that my ego tries to protect me from living the life I want. I've also been able to start the process of reparenting my inner child which I know will continue, but I now have the tools and practices to do this important work.

    Amy Rice-Jones

    Small Business Owner

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The course is $1,997. I don't offer discounts or sales. This is the price. Perhaps the price will go up at some point, but the price is the price! And you can get access to it anytime––when you feel ready to invest in yourself and go on this journey, it's here for you. Get on my email list to stay in touch, get to know me and the way I roll a bit more, and to learn about other ways to connect.

Yes, you're welcome to split this into 6 Payments (at a slightly higher price point) or pay in full.

I hope to offer scholarship options (in 2024).

Here's the gist of what's in our terms of sale:

In a nutshell, we don't offer refunds. Your purchase of the program indicates your commitment to participate in the program and process and follow through to its conclusion and is non-refundable. 

However, we also understand that unexpected events can happen. In addition to the general guidelines outlined below, refunds and cancellations will be considered for extenuating circumstances only, on an individual basis, at my sole discretion. 

You may cancel your order within 24 hours of purchasing and request a refund. To cancel an order, let me know within 24 hours. I require a short phone call to discuss prior to issuing a refund. The refund will be issued, minus a 10% transaction fee.

It's important that you understand that changing your mind about the course, failing to follow through or understand the details of the course, not experiencing the results you expected or desired, falling behind, or experiencing any other similar situations does not count as extenuating circumstances and will not be considered as justification to request a refund.

For these reasons, I recommend that you feel confident that this is the right decision for you before you purchase the program. 

As soon as you register, you'll get an email to confirm the purchase, a copy of our agreement and access to the online platform where the courses will reside.

You'll immediately get login details and have access to the entire program as soon as you sign in!

We have no plans to limit the number of people who can join. The group calls will not be limited in size, but we will add more over time to address the increases in enrollment.

This program is the real deal.

It's easy to SAY "be authentic" but it's hard to show the actual way.

The Whole Soul Way™ is the way and gives you a clear path to create the inner safety and confidence to unleash all of you.

Most women who work with me have already completed other programs, read a lot of books, hired coaches, and know what they want. But their big complaint is that it doesn't translate into the changes they want to see in their life.

That's because very few programs are designed to address the practical steps to clear the mental and emotional debris getting in the way. The reality is that we get stuck in our own mind with our own defeating thoughts and fears, so until we work at that level, what we learn won't translate into getting what we want. 

When we discover who we are underneath those layers of fear, conditioning and beliefs, is when we become fortified from the inside-out. Then we feel bold enough to show up fully and become creators in our life.

As with any program, you will get out of it what you put in. It has the power to be transformational, but only if you are willing to be honest with yourself, face your stuff and bravely make changes (even if they are tiny ones). 

This program marks the beginning of a whole new way of doing life. Of course, you will experience huge shifts during the first time you work through the content. But it's not a discrete program that you will complete and move on, hoping you got something from it.

It's a process, a lifestyle and an opportunity to keep expanding more and more into the totality of who you are; to loving more openly and fully; and to showing up in your life and shining your light more brightly. You'll learn the specific steps to use your own life as the fodder for your continued growth, healing, and evolution.

A lot of women tell me that they're scared to do this work because they're afraid of what their own transformation could mean to their marriage, kids, friendships and overall life.

  • Are they going to have to stop liking luxuries or enjoying the things they like now if they get all spiritual?
  • Will they lose friendships? Leave people behind?
  • Will they change so much that they don't fit into their family anymore?
  • Are they going to feel like they have to leave their marriage?
  • Will they become an odd-ball?

The answer is no to that and all of the other scary thoughts about the future that are in your head.

This program is for women like you who want to awaken to the truth of who you are without any pressure to disrupt the life you've worked so hard to create.

If anything, you will be MORE in control of your life and your choice than every before. This program is about you finding YOU and being the leader of your life. You get to decide!

This isn't a 1:1 program, however, you will get a lot of support in the course platform where you will be able to ask questions, support others, learn from others and receive "micro-coaching" from me and my team.

The more you engage, the more support you'll experience. 

If you tend to sit back and be more of an observer in programs, this will be a great chance for you to push that edge and ask for what you need, ask questions and engage.

I assure you, it's a safe and supportive group.

In addition, you'll have access to 6 months the Evolution Membership which includes group coaching calls (and more). On average, there will be 2 calls per month that you can join. Over time, we will be adding calls to the schedule.

After 6 months, you'll have the option to continue as a member of Evolution for $197/month which includes a monthly group coaching call, access to 1:1 Voxer time (for an additional cost), and deeper and more expansive content to support you as you continue on your journey.

NOTE: Voxer Support allows you to submit a personal voice or test question/challenge and I'll respond personally (and privately) to your message.

You will have lifetime access to the content. That is, for as long as the program exists. If I were to decide to stop teaching the program, I would give you advanced warning so that you can download anything you'd like to continue to have access to.

You will have access to Evolution content and new content I add to Evolution for as long as you're a member.

Yes! I plan to offer the Self-Paced Journey for the forseeable future.

Whether I offer group coaching or Voxer Support in the future will depend on where my life takes me :)

But I have every intention to!

I know you're asking because you're not sure that now is the right timing. I totally get it. 

And, I'll remind you of this. Time flies by. If you wait until the next time I offer it, you'll have put yourself on the back-burner AGAIN. You'll be putting other people and circumstances ahead of you AGAIN. And next summer, you'll look back and say "Why didn't I do that in January? Imagine how much different my life would look right now if I had only done it!"

If not now, when? Make sure it's not your trickster ego trying to keep you safe and wanting you to keep status quo in your life. Feel free to email me and we can sort out if it's the right timing for you. 

No problem! They will be recorded and uploaded to the Training Zone. You can access them via your computer or an app on your phone.

If you’ve been on a lifelong personal growth journey and you’re searching for the missing piece that can shift all aspects of your life, then this program is for you.


Yessss! Count me in!!!