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You've done everything RIGHT. Ready to do everything REAL?

The Whole Soul Way™ is the only online group coaching and training program that teaches women exactly how to unhook from fear and feel safe enough to show up as their most authentic selves with their soul as their true guide, without disrupting the life they've worked so hard to create.

Your soul is longing for more and now it's time to answer the call... 

You do it all. You're the one everyone counts on. The one who knows how to get things done.

You're great at "surface level happiness and friendships" and have checked the boxes on many of your goals (Married, check. Kids, check. Career, check.)

But, you're restless for something more than checking boxes and being the dependable one.

You long for more emotional and spiritual depth. And more fun and joy. And meaning. 

You worry if something doesn't change soon, you'll die not having tapped into your potential and not having lived your life true to yourself. 

I get it. And you're in the right place.

Let me re-assure you––it's not that you aren't doing enough.

Our society glorifies busyness, idealizes productivity and sanctifies self-sacrifice.

We’ve all done it––we've abandoned ourselves to keep the peace, sacrificed our authenticity for acceptance, suppressed our truth and plastered over them with a smile and an automatic “yes." 

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I know you’ve done a lot of personal growth work––meditations, journaling, retreats, yoga, books, courses, new habits, exercise, self-care, improved your diet––and it's gotten you where you are today.

Your life looks good from the outside,
but inside, it's a different story. 

 Inside, you're spinning.

You see your relationships suffering. 

You see yourself suffering.  

(And, no, you aren't asking for too much and...)

You feel like you've tried so hard, and even though you know that it "starts with you," you can't help but think that you're the exception, and that you really DO need things on the outside to be different in order for you to feel whole and happy. 

You're the kind of person who figures things out, but this one has you stumped.

 That's because there’s something deeper at play here.

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 Hi! I’m Deb Blum, Soul Nurturer and Your Guide 

Deep down, you're afraid that something's wrong with YOU––that you aren't lovable, that you aren't good at relationships, or that you want too much.

And it's simply not true. You don't need to do more, be different, change yourself, or protect others.

What you need is to show up fully.

But that's easier said than done.

We've been conditioned to keep others comfortable at the expense of ourselves. We've been taught disempowering messages that keep us stuck and afraid. 

The thing you believe is missing in your life is not what you think. 

What's missing is YOU–the real, deep, authentic, flawed, brave and unique you.

And I have a secret that you may not believe: everyone in your life actually longs for the true you––your family, friends, work, clients, partner. Everyone. 

In The Whole Soul Way™, I'll teach you the step-by-step process to do your inner work so you can unhook from everything that holds you back from showing up fully. 

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The Whole Soul Way Logo April 2022

A 15-Week LIVE Experiential Training and Group Coaching Program where you'll learn how to:


So that you can:

Break free from the limiting stories in your head, the pressure to be anyone but you, the conditioning that sabotages your dreams, the fear that constrains you, and any other debris that holds you back.

And finally feel safe enough to
show up as your most authentic and fully expressed self.



"In my work with Deb, I have not only gotten to a place where I am genuinely less often triggered than I used to be, but I have also found that I recognize triggers more quickly than I used to.

I have been doing growth work for many years, so I often consider myself pretty self aware, but that also means that I’ve gotten more masterful at tricking myself when the things that don’t want to be hidden are running the show.

Through working with Deb, I have connected with deeper curiosity with myself and with life in general.

The other life changing benefit of my time with Deb is that she’s helped me see how many ways we can learn to reparent ourselves, and how many ways we can become fully integrated with our whole selves. What used to be self work because I felt I “needed” to improve has become a much gentler process… a process where I no longer think there is something wrong with me, but where I see that I don’t have to beat myself up or punish myself in order to live the life I crave."

Nicole Terrell

The Whole Soul Way™ is about giving you the process, skills and support you need to be your most authentic self and enjoy the life you're in

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What The Whole Soul Way™ Program Is All About


Join Us On The Whole Soul Way™ Adventure in January!

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About the Program

This 15-Week Soul Nurturing Accelerator is a Highly Interactive and Experiential LIVE Training and Coaching Program that Includes:

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5 Ways The Whole Soul Way™ is Unique

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Often people with busy minds have a hard time getting results from meditation.

The Whole Soul Way™ is trauma-informed and inquiry-based.

We don't seek to transcend or bypass your human experience...

...rather, we do what it takes to enjoy the life you're in so much that you have no need to transcend it.

While meditation is encouraged, we primarily focus on self-inquiry, self-understanding, self-parenting, integration, and a process of incrementally revealing more of our truest selves as we increase our inner safety and sense of wholeness.

Unique Grow Selves Up

The Whole Soul Way™ recognizes that no one is emotionally or spiritually mature by the time they become a legal adult.

If we don't learn to become our own parent, we'll forever be seeking a parent "out there" to meet our unmet needs, complete us, or otherwise take care of us.

The Whole Soul Way™ invites you to embrace self-leadership.

Only then can you heal from the past and become available for more emotionally deep and intimate relationships.

Unique Less Self Improvement

When we focus on fixing and improving ourselves, we unconsciously tell our young parts that we're not okay as we are, which is the same message most of us got as children. We perpetuate self-rejection and the sense that we have to hustle for our worth.

When we accept ourselves as we are, we build a stable foundation of self-love from which we can soar.

In order to be free to be your true and whole self, you must love the parts of yourself that you fear are most unlovable.

And then you can reach for the stars!

Unique Repeatable

The Whole Soul Way™ is built on a foundation that you have everything you need inside of you.

Sadly, no one is taught how to use this inner guidance system. But you can learn it in this program. 

Rather than teach you more knowledge, I teach you a process––an actual system that you can use over and over to be the leader of your personal healing journey.

At your own pace according to your own life, body, and mind’s timeline.  

Unique Use Life as Fodder

I disagree that "spiritually and emotionally evolved women don't judge, gossip or blame"––instead I invite you to lean into those judgments, the gossip, and the blame and use them as an opportunity for self-discovery.

I don't look at your less than perfect behaviors as something you need to willfully transcend or suppress, rather I see them as what makes you human and as information that reveals your feelings, fears, and needs.

We learn to use every experience a chance to heal from the past, come into greater wholeness, and step more fully into our most authentic and fully expressed selves.

The Whole Soul Way™ is about giving you the process, skills and support you need to be your most real self and enjoy the life you're in.

Join Us for:

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The Whole Soul Way™ Results Framework

APRIL 2022 The Whole Soul Way Frameworks and Diagrams (1)

TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN LIFE: Learn to connect to yourSELF and become more aware of your fear and patterns and how they impact your life. Come to understand and have compassion for the ways you've been unconsciously run by fear, limitations, and conditioned beliefs. Begin to take responsibility for your own life by turning inward.

PICKUP WHERE YOUR PARENTS LEFT OFF: Shift away from looking outside of yourself for others to fulfill your unmet childhood needs. Step in as your own parent, pickup where your parents left off, fill the gaps, and provide for yourself that which you didn't get when you were little. As a result, cultivate inner safety and strength that you can tap into.

FEEL CONFIDENT TO SHOW UP:  With less of a reliance on external validation, a dependable relationship with yourself, and an internal source of safety, it's within your reach to take courageous action to show up authentically, set boundaries, and take risks. As a result, you find yourself living true to yourself.... 

 ...with more fulfillment, flow, and ease with your soul in its rightful place as your true guide

A Vision For the Future

What Emotional and Spiritual Wholeness and Maturity May Look Like For You

Stronger Sense of Self 

Deeper Emotional Connections

Greater Confidence and Calm

Some Signs The Whole Soul Way™ Would Be Great For You

You have the time and resources to make changes in your life and pursue your dreams, but your resistance and fear holds you back

You long for more mutually fulfilling and emotionally deep relationships and to feel more seen and heard, but you admit that you may play a part in these patterns

Your mind is always busy: planning, worrying, problem-solving, creating, ideating, anticipating, thinking, running through to dos, multi-tasking

You blame others for your circumstances, believing that if they'd change, you'd be happier & life would be better AND deep down you know happiness is an inside job

You have very high expectations of yourself (and others) and feel a lot of pressure to do more, do better, be better, and you'd like to feel more ease and less stress

You have people-pleaser tendencies, the desire to avoid conflict, and fear of judgment, and you also want to speak your truth and be your true self with others

You want to be a cycle-breaker and break generational patterns in your family, but you find yourself playing them out and unable to stop yourself

You react with anger, shrinking, apologizing, agreeing, or other defensive reactions and want to feel calmer and more capable of choosing how you respond

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Fall 2023 Cohort Schedule and Syllabus

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Soul Way GPS Mind Is Busy

The Whole Soul Way™ is about giving you the process, skills and support you need to be your most authentic self and enjoy the life you're in


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What Other Participants Are Saying

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  • Sarah 1

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  • Leya

  • Through working with Deb, I have connected with deeper curiosity with myself and with life in general. The other life changing benefit of my time with Deb is that she’s helped me see how many ways we can learn to reparent ourselves, and how many ways we can become fully integrated with our whole selves. What used to be self work because I felt I “needed” to improve has become a much gentler process… a process where I no longer think there is something wrong with me, but where I see that I don’t have to beat myself up or punish myself in order to live the life I crave.

    Nicole Terrell

    Success Coach

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The Whole Soul Way™ is about giving you the process, skills and support you need to be your most authentic self and enjoy the life you're in.


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My Story and Credentials

I was on the floor at one point, begging for guidance: “Please show me the way.”

The most frustrating part of my own healing journey for me was that I could NOT figure out how to get my emotional needs met.

I had great role models and experiences around being capable to do what I needed to do to live a good life, work hard and figure things out. But I had no role models or experiences around what it felt like to be met or held emotionally. 

Can you relate? 

I can't say that I got the answers right then while on the floor begging. But over time, it's become clear that I was being shown the way––and that it’s built into each of us––that shows us exactly what our next step is on our healing journey. 

I spent a decade figuring this out, and I don’t want you to have to chase down the steps like I did. I teach this work because I needed it, and I believe the world needs it. No one should go through life not knowing that they have a built-in healing guidance system (Soul Way GPS™), that they don’t have to live with so much inner distress and that there is another way to do life.

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My Credentials

TWSW Images for Sales Page (2)Training and Certifications

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I know all of this first hand

In 2009, I started to experience my own restlessness. I was the one who had it all together, always striving to be the best version of myself––best consultant, best manager, best leader, best mom, best volunteer. Whatever I did, I put pressure on myself to do it well and rarely asked for help. I was the perfect picture of self-reliance in all the ways except in fulfilling my own emotional needs. When my kids were 6 and 8, when the you-know-what hit the fan, I nearly lost my marriage and I was in the thick of a midlife breakdown. I had a "good life" in most every way.

But, I was so deeply disconnected from myself. I put all of the blame on my husband because I wanted to feel emotionally connected and met and neither one of us seemed to know how to create that. I carried the weight of the world on my shoulders.

Over the past decade, through various coach training programs, therapy, coaching and thousands of hours of inner work, I sifted through my own fear, programming and trauma and dug myself out of the debris so that I could show up more fully. Funny thing, in some ways I appeared to be a person who showed up fully, and that's why you can't tell from the outside. I was bold, feisty and opinionated. I was successful and a confident mom in many ways. But that was all because I was good at controlling my outside world. When doing better and more, improving myself and fixing stuff stopped working, I was at a loss. I had to learn how to stand in my own power, accept and love myself and show up fully from the inside-out. I had to let go of the idea that I needed others or life to look a certain way to feel safe and be happy and to source happiness and safety from within.

I never imagined I could get where I am today. I truly didn't think that my marriage was salvageable. I didn't know that I could experience emotional freedom and unhook from the grips of fear. But I have. And I want this for you, too. As a result of my inner work and what I've learned by working with hundreds of women, I've created The Whole Soul Way™ where I walk women through a step-by-step process to stop living from fear and liberate themselves emotionally so they feel safe enough to be their true selves and live and love fully. 

The world I want you to help me create

While I know that this work is so important at an individual level, I also am so committed to this work because I know that it has a ripple effect and has the power to transform relationships, families and the entire world. The more you love the whole you, the more you will be able to love others. The more you feel whole inside, the more you will be able to truly be there for others. When we show up fully, we give others permission to do so as well. And the more full your emotional and spiritual cup is from the inside, the more it will spill over into all of your relationships. 

I decided to create this program so that I could be accessible to more people. And this program has the potential to bring profound healing and change to your life. Integration and wholeness is the path of spiritual evolution. When we step fully into our authenticity, we have the potential to bring about the positive change that we want to see in the world.

I truly believe that this work is some of the most important work we can do on a personal and planetary level. While I do believe that systems and structures need to be changed in order to make the world a better place, not all of us will be able to willing to take action at that level. However, each of us has the power to make significant change in this world by doing our inner work, healing our traumas, more intentionally relating to one another, and consciously raising our children. 

We are a microcosm of the macrocosm. What we change within us, changes outside of us. When we heal our inner oppressor, we contribute to the healing of oppression. When we are accepting our ourselves, we become more accepting of others. When we heal our trauma, we heal future generations. When we have more peace in our heart, we bring more peace to all of our interactions. It's our responsibility to heal so that we can share more love, compassion and care in the world.

It may seem lofty, but I see this program as my contribution to evolving and expanding consciousness for ourselves and for humanity.

If you want to help me to create expanded consciousness, planetary healing and a more evolved humanity, The Whole Soul Way™ is the way. Join me!

 Become Your Own Coach 

If you’ve been on a lifelong personal growth journey and you’re searching for the missing piece that can shift all aspects of your life, then this program is for you.

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Soul Way GPS: High Expectations


Join Us On The Whole Soul Way™ Adventure in the Fall!

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No problem! They will be recorded and uploaded to the Training Zone. You can access them via your computer or an app on your phone.

The cost of the program is $2,997. I'll be offering an early bird discount up until December 23rd which will bring the price down to $2,497. Get on my email list for additional "sale" offers!

Yes, you're welcome to split this into 4 Payments (at a slightly higher price point) or pay in full.

I hope to offer scholarship options (in 2024) and a lower-priced "Self-Paced Journey" format (in 2023).

Here's the gist of what's in our terms of sale:

In a nutshell, we don't offer refunds. Your purchase of the program indicates your commitment to participate in the program and process and follow through to its conclusion and is non-refundable. 

However, we also understand that unexpected events can happen. In addition to the general guidelines outlined below, refunds and cancellations will be considered for extenuating circumstances only, on an individual basis, at my sole discretion. 

You may cancel your order within 24 hours of purchasing and request a refund. To cancel an order, let me know within 24 hours. I require a short phone call to discuss prior to issuing a refund. The refund will be issued, minus a 10% transaction fee.

It's important that you understand that changing your mind about the Program, failing to follow through or understand the details of the Program, not experiencing the results you expected or desired, falling behind, or experiencing any other similar situations does not count as extenuating circumstances and will not be considered as justification to request a refund.

For these reasons, I recommend that you feel confident that this is the right decision for you before you purchase the program. 

Should you fall behind in the program, don't fret, you'll have lifetime access so you have plenty of time to catch up. And you can still participate in live calls even if you haven't done all of the exercises. 

As soon as you register, you'll get an email to confirm the purchase, a copy of our agreement and access to the online platform where the courses will reside.

About one month before we start the live program, you'll get access to pre-game videos plus some audio meditations.

Our plan is to keep the Group Coaching and Q&A Calls limited to 15 participants to ensure that each participant gets the support and individualized attention that's needed. It's possible that we may have more that in the program, but we can promise you that you will be in a cohort that's under 15 people for any group discussions. 

This program is the real deal.

It's easy to SAY "be authentic" but it's hard to show the actual way.

The Whole Soul Way™ is the way and gives you a clear path to create the inner safety and confidence to unleash all of you.

Most women who work with me have already completed other programs, read a lot of books, hired coaches, and know what they want. But their big complaint is that it doesn't translate into the changes they want to see in their life.

That's because very few programs are designed to address the practical steps to clear the mental and emotional debris getting in the way. The reality is that we get stuck in our own mind with our own defeating thoughts and fears, so until we work at that level, what we learn won't translate into getting what we want. 

When we discover who we are underneath those layers of fear, conditioning and beliefs, is when we become fortified from the inside-out. Then we feel bold enough to show up fully and become creators in our life.

As with any program, you will get out of it what you put in. It has the power to be transformational, but only if you are willing to be honest with yourself, face your stuff and bravely make changes (even if they are tiny ones). 

Also, remember that in 15-weeks, you won't be done. This program marks the beginning of a whole new way of doing life. Of course, you will experience huge shifts during the actual 15-weeks. But it's not a discrete program that you will complete and move on, hoping you got something from it.

It's a process, a lifestyle and an opportunity to keep expanding more and more into the totality of who you are; to loving more openly and fully; and to showing up in your life and shining your light more brightly. You'll learn the specific steps to use your own life as the fodder for your continued growth, healing, and evolution.

This isn't a 1:1 program, however, you will get a lot of support through group calls, live teaching calls, in the course platform, and in the Facebook group. The groups will be small enough that you will have many opportunities to have your specific questions answered.

The more you engage, the more support you'll experience. 

If you tend to sit back and be more of an observer in programs, this will be a great chance for you to push that edge and ask for what you need, ask questions and engage.

I assure you, it's a safe and supportive group.

For the next round of the program, I'm offering a Voxer dialogue 1 time per week for an additional $700 ($1,200 value). This means that once per week, you'll be able to submit personal questions and challenges and I'll respond personally (and privately) to your message.


You will have lifetime access to the content. That is, for as long as the program exists. If I were to decide to stop teaching the program, I would give you advanced warning so that you can download anything you'd like to continue to have access to.

Yes, it will! But it may not be offered LIVE again. And it won't be offered at this price again! And group sizes may not be as small.

And I may not offer personalized Voxer support :) 

I know you're asking because you're not sure that now is the right timing. I totally get it. 

And, I'll remind you of this. Time flies by. If you wait until the next time I offer it, you'll have put yourself on the back-burner AGAIN. You'll be putting other people and circumstances ahead of you AGAIN. And next summer, you'll look back and say "Why didn't I do that in January? Imagine how much different my life would look right now if I had only done it!"

If not now, when? Make sure it's not your trickster ego trying to keep you safe and wanting you to keep status quo in your life. Maybe getting on a call with me would help you to sort out if it's the right timing. 

Be sure to get on the wait list!

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