What's Included?

This is not another one of those downloads that you wish you didn't waste your time on. You'll be referring to this over and over again, further deepening your relationship with yourself!


An educational and transformational workbook that will illuminate why this particular type of healing work can guide you toward your most true and whole self so you can live fully!


A recorded video of me walking you through the workbook, with tips, thought-joggers and other guidance so you won't have to go through this alone!


I have been a student and facilitator of shadow work, inner child healing, re-parenting, and self-love work for a decade so I'm sharing some of my wisdom in this bonus video!

"Thank you for this! Honestly, I wasn't sure this would be anything new, but I loved learning about my golden shadow (who knew?). I guess I never really understood what shadow work is and how NOT exploring my shadow has been hurting me. I already feel more self-compassion and I'm being more kind toward myself, too! Thanks Deb!"

- Katie R.

Why should you trust me? I've been there myself...

Hi! I'm Deb, founder of The Whole Soul Way™ and and Intentional Aging Guide for do-it-all mid-life women with high expectations and busy minds. 
Back in 2008, I was 38, my kids were 4 and 6, and (unbeknownst to me) I was in the thick of a mid-life crisis.

I was unhappy and restless – longing for something more. I blamed my husband (he always seemed to be my scapegoat). And then I learned how to use all of that blame and all of my judgments to discover more about myself.

I learned how to find all of parts of me that I suppressed in order to survive childhood and because I thought I was too much for people. I learned how to get to know those parts and stop rejecting and abandoning myself.

This has been how I've created enough inner safety and self-trust to show up as the most real me, to be more vulnerable, to love and live more fully and with a more open heart.

Now I show others how to do this for themselves.

Grab the guide so you can find and become more of yourself!

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