Courage to Climb 1:1 Coaching

Are you ready to do deep the inner work to accept and love all of yourself
and show up more fully in your life?

Let's get to the root cause of your struggles and suffering. I'll show you a new way to do life that'll allow your authentic self to emerge and where you'll feel more centered, peaceful inside, confident and connected to yourself and the world around you.  



Avoiding conversations. Spending way too much money to launch your dream and getting nowhere. Losing it with your kids. Feeling not good enough or too much. Snapping at your spouse. Questioning if you're cut out for your job. Second-guessing every decision. Lying in bed feeling guilty. Doing it "all" but beating yourself up for not doing enough...

Small Arrow Services PageWe're done with that.

There IS another way. 

Let's jump on a call to talk about it.


Advanced self-love coaching for wholeness warriors

At the root of each of these is self-rejection. We're going to explore inside of you to reveal the part that's calling out to be seen, accepted and integrated into the whole of you.

No more spin cycle. No more brutal inner critic. No more repeating patterns forever. No more playing small. It's time for way more vitality, confidence, courage and inner peace.


You've done a lot of personal growth work, but you're ready to work with
an experienced guide by your side.

Together, we’ll explore the places and parts of you that you may not have been able to reach on your own so you can finally stop the reactions, patterns and behaviors keeping you from living your best life. This is for you if you’re ready for radical realness, radical wholeness, and radical authenticity. 

Most of us are living a divided existence - our outside world doesn't match with our inside world. Our soul and human existence are separate. We act one way at work and another way at home. And, so often, our ego runs the show and our soul is silenced.

For most of our lives, we've lived in survival mode, where our inner lives were sacrificed in the name of simply surviving and trying to do life as best we could. We've worn masks and hid so much of ourselves in order to fit in and feel good enough. But it's resulted in us feeling disconnected, empty and insecure. 

It's time to uplevel our lives.

It's time to live more consciously.

Integration and wholeness is the path of spiritual evolution. When we step fully into our authenticity, we have the potential to bring about the positive change that we want to see in the world.

We're being invited to integrate the fragmentation we all have been forced to live. To come into wholeness. We're being invited to integrate the ego and reclaim the totality of who we are so we can evolve, no longer living from a survival and fear-oriented brain and instead thriving, connecting, including and loving with an open, unguarded heart.


When we come into wholeness within ourselves, we'll find that our planet and the Universe comes into wholeness as well. We can co-create a world where there is congruence between our inner worlds and our daily lives. Where we don't need to leave parts of ourselves behind in an attempt to fit in and feel safe. Instead, to live in a world where we source safety from within, show up as our unique and quirky selves, and see where we belong. And we can invite others to do the same. 


As a coach for courageous explorers, I've guided hundreds of people ready to climb their own personal mountain to live the life they're meant to live. To really step more fully into who they are and live and lead their lives true to themselves. Because everything from parenting success to effective leadership to business prosperity relies on one important thing:  your readiness to show up for the richness of life by being the most YOU you can be.

We'll go on guided adventure to explore new solutions, map the steps ahead for your own personal journey and develop the skills to get where you want to go.

Radical self-acceptance can only happen when we're ready to shine a light on those unconscious, exiled and hidden parts that are sneaky tricksters wreaking havoc in our lives (until we befriend them and integrate them within).

I've spent the past decade climbing my own mountain, exploring my shadows and on the journey to love the totality of who I am - showing up more fully over and over, year after year.

What I've come to know is that those who are most successful at living a conscious, soul-inspired authentic life, do it with preparation, planning, the right tools, and expert guidance.

You're going to feel like you've conquered the world when you climb to the top and look back on every obstacle that served as a trailhead to discover more of yourself, every challenge you had the power to overcome and every inner resource that you already had within you!

I’m Deb Blum, your Guide and Self-Love + Authenticity Coach

Deb Blum | Me More YouWhat I really do is help women to boldy and bravely be themselves and and to step fully into the life they are meant to live. I work with mothers and fathers, leaders and activists, politicians and entrepreneurs, teachers and coaches, therapists and programmers, lawyers and more. It's courageous work we do - exploring our inner territories to make sure we're living and leading with authenticity, integrity and truth. That we're showing up AS the change we wish to see in the world. 

Together we'll get to the root cause of your struggles and suffering and you'll learn a new way to do life that will allow your authentic self to emerge and where you'll feel more centered, peaceful inside, confident and connected to yourself and the world around you.

When we "do life" from the place of knowing our worth, trusting ourselves, listening to ourselves and living in alignment with our true selves, magic happens. Our lives, our work and our relationships transform. 

Let's get real together. Let's get whole together. And let's uplevel our lives together.