Mission: Be More You 

It's time to bust out of the cocoon of constraints and emerge as the brilliant, whole being you were always meant to be!

It's time to stop pretending to be someone we aren't and become who we're here to be.

To be the source of our own validation and happiness.

We CAN cultivate inner safety, security, and strength so we can naturally show up with authenticity, living true to ourselves.

Living and loving fully.

Feeling fully alive.

Making an impact.

It needs to be said––you're awesome. 

We don't talk enough about it, but every woman––even the ones who appear so strong––struggles with worth issues, feels the weight of the world on her shoulders, feels burdened by cultural conditioning, suffers from self-doubt, has a bit of a broken spirit, feels a little alone and empty inside, and wants to be "good girl" but also feels an inner longing to live true to herself. 

This is the plight of a woman who's awakening and seeing that she is so much more than the small box she's been put into (or that she has put herself into).  

And this journey we're on to break free from all of that? Well that's just SANITY in my opinion.  

So let's agree that going on an inner journey to reclaim ourselves is one of the most important things we can be doing.

Dang, girl, you've spent so long trying to play it safe, to do all the right things and make sure you didn't upset anyone. You've been the responsible, capable, mature one. You never complained, but along the way, you've been dying inside. 

Deep down, all you've ever wanted was to be truly met and seen.

I see you. 

You've worried that you're "too much" and people can't handle you.

I felt that too. Here, I crave for you to be your biggest, most fully expressed Self. 

On the one hand, you feel a sense of purpose by being so useful, helpful...needed. To be the one people count on. On the other hand, you're suffocating from the pressure and self-abandonment. 

It's painful to carry the weight of everyone's expectations while feeling lonely and empty inside. What if you could be generous with others AND yourself?

You are so ready. You've already taken many steps along your personal healing journey, but now you're ready to go all in. You're ready to unleash yourself and all of those pent up possibilities. You're ready to be your true self in the world.

It's time. It's your turn.

We're ready for you to step into the truest, biggest you. To claim your place here in the world. 

Your soul has been calling out to mine. And I'm here to walk you back home to yourself. 

You've been put here for a reason. And in order for you to step fully into your purpose you need to be braver and more bold than you've ever been.

Let me show you exactly how to work through your "stuff" to liberate and empower you, so you FEEL brave and bold and show up more fully in the world as the real you. 

You're In The Right Place, If You...

  • you're ready to make your self-acceptance project bigger than your self-improvement project (but you have no role model for how to do it)

  • get it that you have to spend the rest of your life with yourself, so it'd be ideal to have a good relationship with "you", but again - how?
  • get that you have an inner child and need to reparent her, but, quite frankly, you need more guidance on how to do all of that
  • have done a lot of reading, learning and meditating but what you're learning isn't translating into the changes you want to see in your life
  • acknowledge that vulnerability is something that you're not so great at. Empathy, yes. Vulnerability, not so much. 
  • get that, even though you wish others would change and do what you want, your happiness is an inside job
  • want to learn to trust yourself to tell you what's ready to be healed within you rather than chasing the latest "advice" on Instagram or Facebook
  • want to be supported by other like-minded women (even if it also feels a little scary)
  • are ready to choose freedom and authenticity over safety and fitting in

And you're ready to stop...
  • sacrificing yourself in a bid to make others' lives better (self-abandonment)

  • morphing into the person you think will keep another person from feeling discomfort, being disappointed in you, or getting upset (people-pleasing)

  • walling off your heart to protect it from getting hurt (guarding)

  • living your life being controlled by your past and the conditioning that's been imposed upon you (autopilot)

  • letting your reptilian fear brain and ego defense mechanisms be in charge anymore (ego-consciousness)

  • allowing your life to be run by your unconscious mind when it's completely in your power to bring the unconscious into your conscious awareness (victim-consciousness)

A man likes to believe that he is the master of his soul. But as long as he is unable to control his moods and emotions, or to be conscious of the myriad secret ways in which unconscious factors insinuate themselves into his arrangements and decisions, he is certainly not his own master.

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where you will discover the only way to step fully into all of who you are and come to love your whole self! Bonus: You'll feel more energy, discover hidden gifts and increase your personal power!

 Yes! Show me how! 

Are you with me on this?

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I don't like to suffer and don't want you to suffer. I learned that we can USE our suffering in life to find our way to closer relationships, to find happiness, and to live more fully. So I want everyone to know how.

I'm also highly motivated by wanting to be a good mom for my (now adult) kids, not passing on trauma, being a better person toward my husband, expanding consciousness overall, not projecting my shit onto others, being a genuinely good person, fulfilling my soul's purpose in this lifetime, making a difference in the world, making the world a better place than when I got here and all of those "future of humanity" reasons. I need to be the True and best ME in order to do all of that.

I know you––you're a capable and motivated woman. You're usually really good at fixing problems in your life and you usually know exactly what to do.

Am I right?

Which is why it's frustrating to not know exactly how to do this inner work thing.

The Birth of The Whole Soul Way™

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There are so many people that act as a catalyst to wake us up to see that something else is available. That there is another way to "do life." Think Eckart Tolle, Oprah, Dr. Shefali, Wayne Dyer, etc. Thank you to all of them!

But so few people are explicitly teaching us that we have a built-in guidance system (our own Soul Way GPS™) that guides us on a unique and personalized path––with breadcrumbs and trailheads––to get us back home to ourselves. 

Over the past decade, doing my own inner work and while working with clients, it became so clear to me that we're so cleverly built––first, we protect ourselves when we're small and powerless. And then, when we're ready, we're guided to dig out of all of that and liberate ourselves from those constraints so we find our true Selves and love and live freely. 

It's so cool––I was in awe that we're always being guided to what we most need to know. And I wondered, why isn't anyone teaching us exactly how to use this built-in system?

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So, I decided to use my super cool brain that sees things in ways that others don't always see and relentlessly seeks to fill in what's missing to break down how our Soul Way GPS™ actually works.  

In 2021, I pulled it all together into a group coaching program and course called The Whole Soul Way™

It's one thing to want to awaken and live consciously, it's a whole different story to know HOW to get from here to there. The Whole Soul Way™ answers the HOW and empowers you to take the lead.

Join me!

Here are some things I've learned over my lifetime:

  • Put relationships first. Learning to open my heart and trust has not been easy. But removing the barriers to loving fully is a big reason why I do my inner work. At the end of my life, how much I loved will matter more to me than what I actually did. 
  • In our house, weird is the highest compliment and tells me that you're bravely being YOU!
  • You can live a mainstream life and also live consciously. However, it can be a lonely and confusing path at times which is why I've had to find my tribe.  
  • Sacrificing myself in a bid to make other people's lives better was a bandaid on my wound of unworthiness. I've come to realize that, in my important relationships, I'm loved for who I am, not what I do.
  • All the ways I abandoned myself to gain the love and approval of others caused me so much pain and suffering. Our inner relationship is the foundation for all other relationships.  
  • I had amazing coping strategies that kept me safe, but coping is too low of a bar and now I choose liberation.
  • I have a true appreciation and respect for triggers, judgments, and projections because they show me exactly what parts of me are ready to be seen and healed. 
  • Everything that happens in my life provides an opportunity for me to grow and show up more fully. Life happens FOR me.
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Fun Facts About Deb

  • I have always prided myself on being an omnivore - I love sugar and meat, pizza and peanut butter, junk food and healthy food. But...over the past year, I lost 25 lbs and decided to move toward a whole food plant-based diet (WFPB) and I'm about 85% there. Sugar is still a challenge for me.
  • I live in Northern California and spend a lot of time out on the trails with my sons, husband and friends - hiking and exploring nature. 
  • I believe in taking radical responsibility for our own happiness, because only then can we become truly selfless. AND I also still struggle with this ;) 
  • I love lifting weights and hate cardio / aerobic workouts. 
  • I dream of a future where we can teach our children to love every part of themselves, so we can ease their paths, and so they can take charge of their own healing — and by doing so, heal the world.

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where you will discover the only way to step fully into all of who you are and come to love your whole self! Bonus: You'll feel more energy, discover hidden gifts and increase your personal power!

 Yes! Show me how!