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Dear Midlife

How to to show up as our true selves for more emotional depth, connection, & closeness.

Pursue Your Spark

How 'reparenting our inner child' is crucial for changing our lifestyle habits.

Living in 3D

How to know if divorce is the right answer for you, or if the growth you need is in staying in the marriage.

Reparenting Ourselves

Jill Wright and I explored all things reparenting, inner child, self-healing, and emotional closeness with ourselves.

Inner Work of Health

Jaime and I talked about the importance of doing our inner work when it comes to being fit and fabulous!

The Gift of Midlife

Whitney Baker and I explored midlife as a doorway to something great rather than a crisis and so much more.

Ditch External Validation

Dr. Jessica Higgins and I talked about how projection played out in my life and how it saved my marriage.

Come Home To Yourself

Katie Farinas and I dove deep into what it really means to come back home to yourself and how to get there!

Relationship Reset

Karen Viesta and I had an inspirational conversation about how to nurture yourself AND your romantic relationship!

The Whole Soul Way

Jen Hamilton and I had a great conversation about awakening, inner child work, plant medicine, and the power of self-inquiry!

What is Wholeness?

Christina Fletcher and I do a deep dive into how to be whole - how to find it, how to define it and how to live within it!

Conscious Conversations

Deep conversation with Nick and Nitin about how to love not just our best selves but our whole selves and to step fully into our true selves!

Masks Off Podcast

An inspiring conversation about what's available when we do our inner work with Kim Gross

The Radical Mother Village

Inner Child Healing, Reparenting & Radical Self Acceptance with
Christa Bevan

Health, Harmony & Happiness

What's Behind Your Do-It-All Nature and Why Understanding It Will Help You with Cathy Strueker

Boss-Moms Podcast

How to Overcome FOMO and Start Playing Big with Dana Malstaff

Masks Off Podcast

Exploring the ways we judge others and how to use judgments to find more of ourselves with Kim Gross

HuffPost Blog

Tips for Dealing with a Midlife Crisis Article


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