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You don’t have to be an executive at a major corporation to experience this.   

When you’re a strong and capable woman, the one always helping everyone else, and the one everyone comes to for advice, it can feel lonely

It feels impossible to find someone you can trust and open up to.

Especially if you've been let down by people over and over and have come to primarily rely on yourself.

I’m super selective about who I share my problems with.

Frankly, I think most people give crappy advice. And are terrible listeners.

They usually share their own opinions, experiences, and distorted views of the world.

And end up making it all about them.

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And, that always feels painful for me.

It hurts my heart to feel so unseen and unheard.

So, I’d rather just deal with it myself.

I want to be seen.

I want to be emotionally met. You know, like for someone to know that there’s something deeper I’m trying to access, and help me to find that.

Few people can really hold the type of space I need when I’m trying to solve a problem, make a decision, gain clarity on a new idea, make a plan, face my doubts, challenge my thinking, reach for my goals, or otherwise need support.

And yet, there are times when we all need someone to talk to––a sounding board, a thought partner, someone who will keep us aligned with our true selves, values, and priorities.

Because this has been my own experience, I KNOW that you can’t go on thinking that you can do it by yourself forever.

Deb On the Floor

 You need someone holding YOU. 

What if you could get support from someone you CAN trust?

Who can hold your pain and your dreams?

Who meets your high expectations?

Who you feel like you can drop your guard and be vulnerable with?

This has been something I’ve consistently been able to create for countless clients over the past decade+.

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Ways You Can Work With Me

A 12-Month transformative group and training experience designed to heal every every of your life and transform in all the best ways.

A 1-hour soul reading to get the clarity you seek and the guidance you need to create the second half of your life!

A one-hour session to expand what's possible for you! You'll walk away inspired, expanded, energized, and ready to take action.

If you're ready to finally experience what it's like to cultivate an intimate and loving relationship with yourself, let's create the 1:1 program that works for you!


➙ Acceptance where you can drop your guard and be you

Clients often tell me they get a true experience of compassion and acceptance from me. Because I’ve done and continue to do my own shadow and radical acceptance work, I’m not activated by the stories that are shared with me. So when you come to me feeling ashamed about a pattern you’ve been repeating, a mean judgment you’re feeling about another, a dark truth you’ve been hiding, or a big “mistake” you’ve made, I won’t feel harshly judgmental or charged the way you do. You’ve already experienced enough rejection in your life––it’s time for you to realize that you’re loved for who you are so you can stop being who you think you need to be. I’ll see you in your tender humanity and brilliant wholeness. I’ll accept, nurture, and love you as you learn to do it for yourself. All of you is welcome with me.

➙ Get to the root causes, using the “stuff” of life to guide us

Often, we can't see a way out when we’re looping on a story we’ve been living for a lifetime. My ability to remain unattached to the story in the same way you are means that I can see possibilities you may not yet see. That’s the beauty of having a guide who can teach you how to use your inner guidance system that’s perfectly calibrated to get you where you want to go. I’ll teach you how to use everything in your life as fodder for your growth and healing, knowing that whatever is showing up in your life is happening because something within you is ready to be explored and integrated. I’ll help you find the underlying feelings, fears, and needs… the root causes. We’ll use every experience to support you in stepping more fully into the truth of who you are. I’ll be your lighthouse, guiding you back home to yourself, repeatedly, until it feels second nature to you.

➙ Deep, edgy, and playful while honoring your experience

You’ll be exposed to perspectives you may have never considered that will open you to new possibilities you never imagined but your soul knows to be true. You may need to repeatedly listen to some of my videos to take the depth of the message in fully. I’m always doing my inner work, so I’ll share my deeper lessons as I learn them. I’m also light-hearted and don’t take this stuff too seriously. I have a playful attitude about our flaws, dramas, stories, judgments, shadows, and other so-called “negative stuff.” That being said, I won't ever dismiss or invalidate your feelings. And will hold your tender heart with care.

➙ Dive in where you are vs. pushing you with "shoulds"

I'm patient because I know that what you’re learning is a new way of being, not a quick fix. You’ve already been told you’re not doing it fast enough or good enough. You’re already hard on yourself. I'll support you to slow things down, turn inward, and rebuild from the inside out. We’ll be less focused on you willfully changing your behaviors and instead on the underlying reasons for the behaviors you want to change. I won’t rush you or push you based on some arbitrary idea of where you "should be." I will offer invitations to push your edges and opportunities to explore new territories. When clients experience resistance, rather than tell them to forge forward, I invite them to go slower and explore the resistance. Ultimately, when they’re ready, their transformation is easier and more potent.

➙ Go deeper and take more emotional risks before making drastic changes

Many coaches and mentors will encourage you to make big changes in your life in the name of “you deserve it” and “following your bliss.” I have zero judgment if you decide to change your life drastically. However, before you take action, I’ll remind you: "Wherever you go, there you are.” Your “problems” will follow you until you’ve done the inner work, shifted your part in your patterns, and healed the original wound first. So, what can you expect from me? I’ll always encourage you to turn inward to do your inner work, focus on your side of the street, and bravely show up more authentically. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to see your life more clearly, feel confident that you’re not running away from yourself, and know what the most soul-aligned action is.

➙ I’ll always invite you to expand into your full potential

It’s not enough for me if you’re self-aware, centered, and conscious when alone, in comfortable circumstances, or with people who feel emotionally safe or more conscious. The magic comes when we can hold onto ourselves in the midst of complicated relationships, unconscious people, and difficult conversations. That’s why the fourth step with the Soul Way GPS™ is “show up.” When we learn to go inside, parent ourselves, look at our shadows, feel our feelings, and all the things, but we don’t show up in the world in new ways, what we get is a big dose of stuck. The women in the program are pushing their edges, taking huge emotional risks, and setting boundaries. And seeing how it’s positively shifting and deepening their relationships. Including the relationships they would have called “abusive” or “hopeless.”

➙ Wholeness of your soul vs. separation of your ego

Deep in my core, I believe in wholeness and acceptance. My clients learn quickly that if they come to me to vent about how they were wronged and they’re hoping for me to side with them and join them in their story, they’ll be disappointed. I’ll hold loving space for your experience and help you to understand your reactions, thoughts, fears, needs, and feelings about the situation. I’ll invite you to examine possible shadows and ways your past plays out in the present. And to understand and shift your part in the pattern. I would be doing you a disservice to join you in a story that’s most likely keeping you from what you most desire. Ultimately, I’m always calling you back to the wholeness that you are.

➙ Sovereignty vs. dependency

I’m 100% about people feeling empowered, capable, and well-equipped to be successful in all areas of their lives, including their healing and growth journey. It’s so common to seek out a guru or to get on the path and never get off–decades of therapy, insatiably consuming books and podcasts, retreats, and events that feel great but don’t stick. Mostly we’re still looking outside of ourselves for answers. I teach you to become the source of your own guidance, happiness, safety, strength, and love. My greatest wish is for you to step in as the leader of your life and healing journey and eventually no longer need me. That’s the beauty of knowing how to use your internal guidance system and becoming your own coach–it puts you in the driver’s seat as the spiritually and emotionally mature and whole woman you’re meant to be where you’re confidently charting your destiny.

Today, I’m living my best life as a soul nurturer and guide and through my flagship program, The Whole Soul Way ™, I help women like you tune back into their internal GPS, so they can peel back the layers, shed the stuff that no longer serves them, and reclaim their wholeness.

In this program, do-it-all women learn a repeatable process that up-levels the way they do life and guides them to get the deep fulfillment and inner peace they long for without losing their edge or disrupting the life they’ve worked so hard to create.

Are you ready to step into your full power and discover the limitless possibilities that await you with a guide who can meet you where you're at?

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