Expansion Power Hour Sessions

Expansion Power Hour

Session Duration: 60 Minutes
Investment: $250

“It’s lonely at the top.” You don’t have to be an executive at a major corporation to experience this.   

When you’re a strong and capable woman, the one always helping everyone else, and the one everyone comes to for advice, it can feel lonely

It feels impossible to find someone you can trust and open up to.

Especially if you've been let down by people over and over and have come to primarily rely on yourself.

I’m super selective about who I share my problems with.

Frankly, I think most people give crappy advice. And are terrible listeners.

They usually share their own opinions, experiences, and distorted views of the world. And end up making it all about them.

And most of the time, they speak only to my head and not to my heart. And never to my Soul.

And, that always feels painful for me.

It hurts my heart to feel so unseen and unheard.

So, I’d rather just deal with it myself.

I want to be seen. I want to be emotionally met. You know, like for someone to know that there’s something deeper I’m trying to access, and help me to find that.

Few people can really hold the type of space I need when I’m trying to solve a problem, make a decision, gain clarity on a new idea, make a plan, face my doubts, challenge my thinking, reach for my goals, or otherwise need support.

And yet, there are times when we all need someone to talk to––a sounding board, a thought partner, someone who will keep us aligned with our true selves, values, and priorities.

Because this has been my own experience, I KNOW that you can’t go on thinking that you can do it by yourself forever.

You need someone holding YOU. 

What if you could reach out to someone who you CAN trust? Who can hold your pain and your dreams? Who meets your high expectations? Who you feel like you can drop your guard and be vulnerable with?

This has been something I’ve consistently been able to create for countless clients over the past decade.

Now that I’m offering more group coaching and training programs and fewer 1:1 coaching opportunities, I’ve been itching to create a way for people to have access to me without having to commit to ongoing coaching.

An easy way to get the support you need and want.

This is what you can count on from me. I’ll consistently

  • Be someone you don’t have to take care of. A space where you can rest and allow me to "hold" YOU
  • Nudge you to expand, feel, and think beyond what your mind can conceive 
  • Listen to your big ideas, dilemmas, and dreams even if they feel too vulnerable to share (and too scary to act on) and help you to tease out what’s possible and take steps toward that (rather than affirming the limitations that are already torturing you inside your head)
  • NOT pick sides or talk trash about people (well, maybe for the first 5 minutes); rather, help you to see what you’re not seeing and extract the lessons available for your growth
  • Lend you the courage to explore the explore the unknown territories that you may feel afraid to explore you so you can push beyond your growth edge (rather than succumb to the natural human resistance to the unknown)
  • Be the leader you need to inspire you, stretch you, and nurture you
  • Do my own inner work to take bold action in my own life, and so I’m “practicing what I preach” when I invite you to be braver and bolder than you’ve been before
  • Drop in and support you to process something from your past, soothe your inner child, tame your inner protector or otherwise help you to do the inner work to support you in reaching your goals
  • Call you out on your patterns, help you to own your part, and gain clarity about what you can do to interrupt the pattern and feel more liberated from unhealthy patterns in your life
  • Remind you of who you are and point out when you’re moving toward things that aren’t aligned or that would require you to betray yourself in any way
  • Challenge your assumptions, behaviors, patterns, beliefs, and actions so you can discover what’s most true for you and act from there
  • Support you in feeling into what’s right and trusting that. Not doing things that feel off or wrong. Not doing what you “should” do, but rather what you know to be true and right for you.

I want to support you to expand, evolve and grow.

I will give you the space to explore and know yourself better. And to support you as you find discover and get clear on what's right for you.

Things You Might Want to Come to Me to Explore:

  • Is this a midlife crisis?
  • Issues with your teen or young adult
  • Facing an empty nest, irrelevance, crisis of meaning and purpose
  • Navigating a health issue with yourself or a loved one
  • Should I stay or should I go? Deep crossroads with partner, career, or business
  • Bringing balance into your relationships/life (power struggles, overfunctioning/underfunctioning)
  • Understanding why you feel unfulfilled, dissatisfied, unhappy
  • Making a decision that's complicated and nuanced
  • Feeling bored and wanting more excitement and joy
  • Existential questions such as "Who am I?" "What is the meaning of life?"
  • Consciously facing death in order to not be left with deathbed regrets
  • Breaking free from an unhealthy relationship pattern
  • Thought partnership about complex challenges
  • Inspiring you to take action on a big vision of yours
  • Making a plan for what next steps to take / Mapping out a plan
  • Thinking outside the box 
  • Strategizing on how to have a difficult conversation
  • Managing your money in more responsible ways
  • Discovering your deeper soul’s path and purpose and take actions toward that

Why Me?

For decades, I've felt like no one could be there for me.

I had to learn how to be there for myself, how to trust others to be there for me, and then how to be there for others. I've spent the past decade learning how to hold space for others. Especially strong, self-reliant women. And women who are leaders and feel like there's not one who really gets them.

I've worked with executives, business owners, moms, housewives, women who know they're leaders, women who think they're not leaders, strong women who feel weak, strong women who intimidate others, insecure women who appear strong,

My zone of genius is in seeing many perspectives, choices and alternatives. As an eternal optimist and natural problem solver and project planner, my brain sees things that others don't see. I also see connections that enable me to make sense of things that feel too daunting figure out.

I help you to unravel old ways of being and see new possibilities, even when you think there are no good options. I stay focused on ensuring that whatever next steps we discuss are fully aligned with you and the life of your choosing. When you feel stuck, I see another way. When you feel limited, I remind you of your potential. When you're in a darker, self-doubting place, I remind you of your light and brilliance.

I was a project manager, business analyst and strategic planner for almost 2 decades before I started my own business. Even in the transformational work I've done with women over the past 10+ years, I've applied these natural gifts to support women in understanding themselves, reclaiming their wholeness, and stepping more fully into a life that's aligned and true to them. 

In this one-hour session, we'll expand your possibilities, your mind, your perspective and your mind! You'll walk away inspired, expanded, energized, and ready to take action.

Session Duration: 60 Minutes
Investment: $250


What Others Say About Working With Deb

  • Deb Blum

    “In Self-Love Basecamp, there's guidance for so many pieces of the puzzle of our lack of self acceptance. This is an amazing collection of resources, and as someone who often signs up for more than I can keep up with, and then gets overwhelmed and doesn't fully utilize the tools I have available, one thing I have appreciated immensely is how - in addition to the robust trainings on various topics - Deb will often remind us that we don't have to do it all at once, or she will share tiny tidbits that help us get the important pieces, when we're not able to take it all in on certain days that already have too much crammed into them. This makes it feel like a resource that I can keep around, for when I need it, and that the reminders to use it will continue to be there in a gentle and loving way, keeping me showing up without making me feel behind.”

  • Deb Blum

    “This group has been great due to the variety of ways to connect! It may be as simple as reading a meaningful quote, another member sharing their experiences, a prompt that gets you deconstructing or
    a short video that leaves you feeling inspired!! Of course always great to connect on calls too! I think the best part is the constant reminder to love yourself more, but in a way that accepts you where you are at and allows you to participate however best meets your needs on any given day ❤️”

  • Deb Blum

    “The format of the group gives you just what you need when you need it. While I am partial to putting scheduled calls on my calendar, such that I consciously block the time as ME time, I also find that an evening “scroll” on facebook might uncover a post from Deb or another group member that catches my eye. I know I can also go looking for the group posts if I seek something more. Being part of a group where there is ample room to both listen and share, give and receive is invaluable. I am looking forward to forging even deeper connections with others and within myself.”

  • Deb Blum

    “I started working with Deb to clarify my career goals, and it evolved into much more. She has helped me look at my life holistically, and identify who I am, and what kind of life I want. She has coached me on how to live my life more authentically and build a life that is more in line with my true nature and goals. I had heard the phrase “living with intention” and that is what Deb has helped me do. Probably the most impressive thing about Deb is her ability to take any situation I bring to her and help me find concrete, practical ways to successfully navigate through it. Whether I need emotional support or more practical advice for how to manage my day, Deb always has effective strategies and ideas. Better yet, she coaches me on how I can provide that support to myself. There is also a spiritual element to what Deb does and I as embraced this, I saw significant changes in my life. I was responding differently to stressful situations, and seeing opportunities for growth and healing where I normally would only see obstacles.”

  • Deb Blum

    “We know our issues, but how do we move past them and find happiness? Deb was my answer and I could never be more grateful to another person. She has helped teach me how to save me from myself. If I can’t love me how can someone else? Deb has shown me the path to self-love and healing. My life changed when my best friend introduced us. Change is not easy and nothing happens overnight but when you actually feel like you are a part of life happening, being in the moment, and learning to accept love not only from others but from yourself, you realize it’s all worth it.”

  • Deb Blum

    “Deb has a keen ability to truly listen and tease out key insights that accurately characterized my strengths and my areas for growth. Above all, Deb lit a fire of determination in me to speak stronger, louder and more inviting truths. Deb is a bright light in a sometimes, very dark and stressful world. Her gift of helping women see their strengths, stretch themselves to grow, and be their authentic selves is perhaps one of the greatest gifts that anyone can receive. I could not recommend working with this power house mama more strongly if you want to do some gritty and gratifying self-work that I’m certain will help you lead a more fulfilling life.”

  • Deb Blum

    “My connection with Deb was instant and deep – she has a true gift for seeing people and reflecting back in a supportive and actionable way. She is the best friend you never knew you had. I was inspired to work with Deb because she has done her own work and she has all of the tools to help you get closer to yourself. I am more of myself thanks to Deb. She taught me how to see and listen to myself with love. I have less fear about the future, less anger about the past, and one more dear friend.”

  • Deb Blum

    “The Self-Love Basecamp community is growing to be so supportive with some pretty amazing women. I love how the monthly group coaching calls are so interactive in a way that allows us all to learn the lessons Deb wants to share in a way that seems to magically fit what we are each going through at that particular moment. Deb really has a gift for creating the container that becomes exactly what each person needs in each given moment.”

  • Deb Blum

    “Deb’s life coaching has drastically transformed the quality of my life. I’ve explored with Deb the emotional obstacles standing in my way, and together within a safe and loving environment, we’ve dealt with them and removed them. Deb has taught me how to open myself up to others in a safe and healthy way, leading me to fulfillment in my relationships with friends and family, instead of frustration. Deb will meet you where you are, explore the fears, doubts and concerns that prevent you from experiencing life’s joy, and offer wise guidance on how to live the life you’re meant to.”

  • Deb Blum

    “Deb has given me specific guidance and direction towards a more fulfilled soul. I don’t feel stuck in mud anymore. I am moving forward and I feel great. Deb is the kindest person and I feel very supported. I highly recommend Deb to all moms, as Deb has a huge heart and a true gift to heal anyone that seeks her guidance!”

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