Lead With Your Whole Self 

Conscious Leadership, Living, Parenting and Relating 





You're the type of person who doesn’t settle for good enough.

You know you can always be better, learn more, open up more, make your rough edges softer. You want to stand fully in your power when handling conflict and react with consciousness, clarity, calm and integrity even when you're triggered. You know that to be an effective leader, you have to be doing your own inner work––and that includes facing your shadows, questioning the things you feel so sure about and bravely stepping into bringing more of yourself into your life.

You’re here so you can lead, live and relate with your whole self.

(right about now, your soul is saying YEESSS!)

Most of us are living a divided existence - our outside world doesn't match with our inside world. Our soul and human existence are separate. We act one way at work and another way at home. And, so often, our ego runs the show and our soul is silenced.

For most of our lives, we've lived in survival mode, where our inner lives were sacrificed in the name of simply surviving and trying to do life as best we could. We've worn masks and hid so much of ourselves in order to fit in and feel good enough. But it's resulted in us feeling disconnected, empty and insecure. 

It's time to uplevel our lives.

It's time to live more consciously.

Integration and wholeness is the path of spiritual evolution.

Let's integrate the fragmentation we all have been forced to live. To come into wholeness.

Let's integrate the ego and reclaim the totality of who we are so we can evolve––no longer living from a survival and fear-oriented brain and instead thriving, connecting, and loving with an open, unguarded heart.

Let's draw bigger circles to include more people, ideas, perspectives, differences and shadows so that we can change the world from the place of wholeness not divisiveness.


When we come into wholeness within ourselves, we'll find that our planet and the Universe comes into wholeness as well. We can co-create a world where there is congruence between our inner worlds and our daily lives. Where we don't need to leave parts of ourselves behind in an attempt to fit in and feel safe. Instead, to live in a world where we source safety from within, show up as our unique and quirky selves, and see where we belong. And we can invite others to do the same. 

This is what a conscious leader does. This is where we're being called to go, together.

I'd like to be on this journey with you. I support people like you in this transition from an ego-led life to a soul-led life.

I'm a soul nurturer and a wholeness warrior. 

Together, let's reveal who you really are - the light and the shadow - and do what it takes to show up fully as that.

Live, lead and parent from there. Show the way. There's no limit to what is possible when we align with the truth of who we are and live the life we were always meant to live.

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There are so many possibilities when you discover that

-- what appears to be IN the way actually IS the way,
-- you already have everything you need within you, and 
-- you are who you've always been waiting for

I’m Deb Blum, your guide... 

What I really do is help people be more effective and more real in everything they do by being more of themselves and aligning with the life they were meant to live. I work with mothers and fathers, leaders and activists, politicians and entrepreneurs, teachers and coaches, therapists and programmers, lawyers and more.

It's courageous work we do...

...exploring our inner territories to make sure we're showing up and leading with authenticity, integrity and truth. That we're showing up AS the change we wish to see in the world. 

I spent two decades of my career as a business consultant and since 2011, I've honed my skills as a sought-after empowerment, leadership and communications coach working with leaders of families, organizations, businesses, movements and more.

What I know is that those who are most successful do it with preparation, planning, the right tools, and expert guidance.

People come to me ready to

  • Expand their consciousness
  • See other perspectives that are different from theirs so that they can be a more effective influencer in their areas of interest and expertise
  • Explore their shadows so they can accept more of themselves and others
  • Become better communicators
  • ​Be more effective at work
  • Create closer and more authentic relationships
  • Feel connected to cooperative kids
  • ​Find their calm, confident center in the midst of chaos
  • ​Ask for what they need and say no with less guilt
  • Release the need to be constantly busy and “productive”
  • Repair relationships
  • Be more kind to themselves
  • Be less short-tempered and reactive
  • Live more intentionally
  • Reclaim their power and show up more fully​​
  • Be a more effective, courageous and authentic leader 
  • Soften the edges of their delivery so they aren't rubbing people the wrong way​
  • Learn how to show up more fully and use their voice to be more influential and effective
  • Communicate complex concepts in a way that all stakeholders can really understand it
  • Be the playful, relaxed and engaged parents they always thought they'd be
  • Feel more pride and confidence - less guilt and self-criticism
When we "do life" from the place of knowing our worth, trusting ourselves, listening to ourselves and living in alignment with our true selves, magic happens. Our lives, our work and our relationships transform.