What if Inner Work is the Ultimate Form of Activism?

Blog Post What if Inner Work is the Ultimate Form of Activism_

Are you change agent? Maybe you see things differently. You’ve got the courage to disrupt the status quo and break through the barriers into a new way. A new future.

But we all know that change doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Change happens in communion with your community, family, loved ones, business partners, the organization.

That’s the beauty of change.

A ripple effect.

Change yourself and you’ll change the world around you.

Some people say that we literally cannot change the world any other way than by changing ourselves first. 

This is radical activism - or what I call Inside-Out Activism. 

We get clear on what’s important to us by looking at what we wish to change in others or in the world.

We get clear on what’s not integrated within us by looking at what we judge.

We get clear on what we want to contribute to the world by following our inner nudges.

Often we think that what we do personally, our healing work, how we raise our kids and how we “be” in the world is not enough. Inside-Out Activists know that this work is, quite possibly, the most impactful work we can do.

Inside-Out Activists also may be doing outside activism, building businesses and contributing in many other ways, but they're aware that these other “inside-out” ways make them more effective in everything they do.

Using the smallest microcosm of the Universe – YOU – the one thing you have control over – to heal the planet, bring unity consciousness, repair relationships and suffer less. Each one of us can heal and be the change we wish to see. We're free thinkers – curious, seeking truth, busting fear-based belief systems, and trailblazing together – finding a new way forward.

And when we do this work, we come into deeper acceptance of ourselves, others and life itself. When we're in flow with life, aligned with our true nature and showing up as our true selves, we live into what life wants for us – to be us.

So how do we do this?


…and see ourselves as the captain of our ship, the one in charge of our lives and the impact we have in the world. This requires us to shift from the belief that life is happening TO me to life happening FOR me. The world needs us to heal our traumas, regulate our nervous systems and become whole again.


…away from the idea that someone is going to save us (like a president, partner or parent) to becoming our own savior. We need to see how powerful we are and stop complaining that anything outside of us is the problem. We need to see that any judgment we have that something is wrong out “there’ is really just for us to explore internally.


…our inner work into outer expression. We need to alchemize all of our healing work into the power to show up in the world as our most authentic selves. The world is waiting for the exact unique YOU to show up. How do we want the world to improve? Find the tiniest ways that you can be that in the world, how can you be the change?


…in this together. We can help one another see what we are not able to see within us. Also, we support one another. What we all need most is to have psychological safety so we can feel safe enough to explore our inner terrain. When we have done our healing work, we can provide that for others. That’s where the biggest ripple effect comes into play.

Are you ready to take responsibility for your projections, judgments and triggers and use them as the breadcrumbs to heal your own childhood wounding? 

Do you agree that the outside world is a projection of our (collective) inside worlds therefore you're ready to do your own shadow work and accept all of yourself in order to clean up the collective shadow? 

Are you with me that when we keep our “dark parts” in the dark, they erupt in the world stage as they are now?

And if we keep playing out those shadows through moves and countermoves, us vs. them mentality, we'll stay in a drama cycle?

Are you ready to take responsibility for your own shadows, trauma and projections so you can clean up your part which has a ripple effect in the world?

Comment below about what you're doing to be the change you wish to see in the world!


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