Red Pen the Shoulds

Red Pen the Shoulds
Sometimes when we feel busy we end up not proactively looking at our schedule and making sure we're focused on the right things. Sometimes we do the easy things and never get to the important harder stuff. Often we don't ask for help. Mostly we get fixed in the mindset that we need to do it all. But if you were to get sick right now, the world would not stop if you didn't do

A L L.  T H E.  T H I N G S.

I'm not saying you don't do a ton of important, valuable, necessary things. I know you do.

But what about the ones that you do that you could let go of? Someone else could help with? It's time to step away from? It's just a way to be productive or polite but not at all enriching or soul inspiring or even necessary?

What about the project you said yes to, but you hate it? The thing you volunteered for when you don't really have the time to do it? The thing you agreed to for someone who isn't even a true friend? The extra this and that you do because it's the nice or kind or polite thing to do but you don't want to do it? (Sometimes even for our kids!)

Not saying don't be kind or helpful.

But damnit girl, put your own mask on first.

Take out that red pen and draw a freakin' line thru things. Be ruthless.
What's a yes? What's a no?

Yes some will be disappointed. You've always been a giver. But all will adjust.

You've got this dear one. You do not have to do it all.

You're lovable. Good enough. Worthy. You are good and kind. You're loved and you are love itself.

I promise you, you must do this.

It's time to realize you are loved for who you are, not what you do. To love yourself for who you are, not based on what you do, how you look, how much money you make, etc.

You belong.

To yourself.
To us.
To humanity.
To earth.
To life itself.

You belong.

Red pen.

Strike the no's
Take back your life.
You are a creator.
Create your life.

Take chances.
Be courageous.

Strike the no's
Do less
Do less

And you will still be loved and safe.

You deserve to rest.
You deserve to rest.
You deserve to rest.

And you are loved for who you are.
Loved for who you are.
Loved for who you are.

Hand to heart
What does she say?


Be here.

Today marks the day of you
choosing to take
control of your life.
Mic drop.

What if it's beautiful?
I mean
It is, you know
Stunning. As are you.

What if you miss out?
Always focused on the future
Fear stories
The past
Mistakes, regrets, pain

Insatiably seeking
Am I okay?
Do you like me?
Am I good enough?
Validate me
Appreciate me
Pick me
Need me
Show me
Listen to me

Then we die.
And discover the Truth
We are perfect.
We are pure love.

Be we were so hungry
Never noticing.
Moving too fast.
Fill me up, we ask

You! Make me happy.
You! Love me
You! Tell me I'm good enough
Maybe some day the emptiness will go away?

Or not.
Aching and longing
For connection
From outside of us

We long most for us
You long for you
You long for you
Yes, you.

Always looking out there
What if it's good
Right here and now?
What if we miss it, stuck in our heads?

Scattered and fuzzy
Spinning and thinking
Solving and pinching
Resisting and slinking

Blessings in this moment
Slow down sweet one
Breathe and see
No more busy minds

Breathe and rest
Slow down
What do you want
In this moment?

It's time to take charge
Your life
This one magical life
A gift - a gift

How will you spend
This moment and the next?
With intention I hope
Red pen the shoulds

You are still good
And safe
And loved
And loved

Even when you ditch the shoulds
Do what lights you up
Laugh and seize the day

All is well right this moment
Breathe and slow down
You are here now.
You are loved.



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