Self-Love is a Way of Being, Not Another Thing To Do

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It's so easy to neglect self-care because we have too much to do. We KNOW that if we were to take care of ourselves, everything else would be easier and better, but we just can't do it (for a myriad of reasons hidden behind "I don't have the time"). Nevertheless, I recommend we look at it differently.

What if Self-Love is more of how we "be" in the world and the tiny little choices we make all day, rather than "another thing to do on your list?" 

What if it's the way we act all day long - can we make sure we honor ourselves AND the other person? 

How do we abandon ourselves because we think it's better for the other person? But maybe the other person really wants the real you?

What if your crabbiness is actually BECAUSE you are not bringing your whole self to your relationships? It's a lot of effort to leave parts of ourselves behind. 

Tune into the video below to dive a little deeper into this concept:

Ready to slow down and take better care of yourself? I can teach, and show you the road, but I cannot carry you on the path towards self-love and authenticity. You must walk the walk, climb your own mountain. But if you want to go with me, and other women on the path, you may want to check out Self-Love Basecamp.

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