The Emergence of the Woman Who Wants More

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About 12 years ago, I started to want more.

I didn't even know what that really meant.

I was restless and felt disconnected from myself. I wasn't satisfied - like a deep internal dissatisfaction. There was some longing from within, but I couldn't put words to it.

I had achieved a lot of success by doing all the “right” things. It felt easy to do what was expected of me. To check the boxes of society's rules for success. I experienced a lot of validation and I was rewarded for my commitment and hard work.

As a stay-at-home mom, I applied the same rules. I worked hard and did it all. I did what was expected of me and more.

Here's the thing, I loved it all. I loved my career success and I loved striving to be the best mom.

Until I felt the stirring inside of me that I wanted something more.

Something changed and I craved to discover what was true for ME.

Before that, I never questioned anything.

I mean, I was feisty, curious, and could be argumentative, but I didn't really question my beliefs or the conditioning or programming that had been running my life.

It had never occurred to me.

But the rules and expectations began to feel oppressive. Like a burden I had to carry. I began to question what was true for me and what wasn't. What I really wanted and what was no longer aligned.

Here's the thing - following the programming of life––the ways we've been conditioned, and what we've been taught to believe––it's easier in some ways. It's like autopilot, going along with everyone else. It felt safe and comfortable.

But as I began to question things, I realized compliance was also painful and came at a cost. In order to follow the "rules", we have to abandon parts of ourselves. We have to silence our voice. We have to go along with things we don't like or don't agree with to keep the peace and feel accepted. We have to suppress our truth.

It became soul-sucking.

It's also painful and difficult to break free from it. It's scary and vulnerable. And it triggered all of my deepest fears.

Unhooking from my programming and conditioning (an ongoing journey) and venturing off to be my true self, to stand in my authentic power, and speak my own truth was (and still is) freakin' scary and badass bold.

And amazing and empowering.

It's a journey and a constant evolution where people wanted me to be the same as I was yesterday, but I simply wasn't. I was un-pinnable in so many ways and that made others uncomfortable.

But I was becoming more and more me.

Those who take this path, risk judgment and disapproval. We are misunderstood and mis-characterized. We feel more alone and yet we know that it's even more lonely to betray ourselves.

We go against the grain and risk losing approval and love from those who have known us in the past. We cause friction and dis-ease as we ask for more and expect more from our lives.

At some point, I knew that I wanted liberation more than safety.

Layer upon layer, over the years, I've cultivated increasing amounts of inner safety and strength to keep stepping more fully into the truest ME. To feel more confident to play bigger and risk making others uncomfortable. To feel braver to speak my truth even when others don't agree. To feel bolder as I step toward my soul's path.

I don't judge anyone who chooses safety. The path of liberation and choosing our soul's fullest expression is not for the weary.

It's uncharted territories with no external rulebook to follow. We stop seeking validation and approval outside of us and we learn to trust ourselves and use our inner compass as the guide.

I work with women who have been called from deep in their souls to choose their soul's path too. Women who are working toward liberating themselves from what they "should" do and instead discover what's most aligned and true for them.

  • Women who are rocking the boat a bit. Who want to unleash themselves and show up more fully in their lives.
  • Women who want more fulfilling and emotionally deep relationships but it also scares the crap out of them.
  • Women who want to express themselves fully and stand in their power but that also scares the crap out of them.
  • Women who want to be more authentic, more vulnerable, more soft and open, and more real.
  • Women, who, at the end of their lives, want to know that they loved fully, lived fully and lived their lives true to themselves. That they unhooked from living according to other people's expectations and allowed themselves to be happy.

I show these women how to cultivate the inner safety and strength to keep unhooking from the fear, pressure, and programming so they can feel confident to continue to put themselves out there and bravely and boldly step toward the life she's meant to be living and raise herself into the emotionally and spiritually whole and mature women they are here to be.

I'm so grateful to have been called to want more.

I'd love to know, how does this land for you?

Does this sound like you? Do you feel like your soul has been calling you?

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