Shadow Integration 101: Projections

2021 Blogs - Projection


It's when people place their own negative traits, emotions, flaws or impulses onto another in order to not have to face it in themselves.

This can actually happen with positive attributes too 🙂

Basic gist - "you spot it, you've got it" or when you point one finger at another, three fingers point back at you ;) 

This is why, when we judge another, it says more about us than it does about the other person.

And this is always an exiled, orphaned or disowned part of us. This part of us wants to be seen (hence, why we see it in another - they act as a MIRROR for us).

If you want to do some proactive inner work, perhaps you'd like to pick a judgment - something you're saying about another person or group - and take the time to get to know that part of yourself and why you don't want to be associated with that aspect.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How do I avoid being this way?
  • How have I created my identity or persona around not being this way?
  • Why am I afraid of being perceived this way?
  • How does being not this way limit my life?
  • How does it limit me to hold up the persona of being the opposite of this?
  • Even if I think it's wrong, what do people who are like this get more of?
  • What would be possible if I wasn’t afraid of being even just a tiny bit of this? If I could add one "drop" of this into my life, what might become available?

Tell us what you learn in the comments!


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